Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"Singing in the Rain"

If you can't sleep, the best, and only thing to do in my opinion, is get up. So it's 4am and all I can think of to do (quietly) is try and squeeze out  a little blog. I haven't written one for a while since I have been working again (yay!) which has pretty much wiped me out, but sadly the shrunken bladder has returned and brought with it it's friend acid reflux for company so sleeping has become a bit harder again. Apart from that though, I'm feeling pretty chipper. The problem pelvis which plagued me at the start of the year has subsided and now the only thing that I'm noticing, that I hadn't really until a week or two ago, is the growing weight of the bump. I feel a bit like one of those Scandinavians you used to see on 'The Worlds Strongest Man' competition that used to drag lorry tyres around. I'm hoping this doesn't mean that the baby is going to be a whopper...*gulp*. But there isn't too much longer to wait until we find out  as we only have 11 weeks to go. This doesn't sound like a long time to me at all. Preparations are pretty much complete in terms of things we (apparently) needed to buy, with the last thing being the pram. We have only put this off due to not wanting to have it hanging around at home (bad luck supposedly) but yesterday I got very excited when the new chest of drawers arrived for the baby's clothes.

It's probably a bit sad to be so excited about a chest of drawers but after waiting 10 weeks for these bad boys I was over the moon when they got delivered yesterday. They are from the Rubie range at Laura Ashley and I had to buy them, it was fate. They were the only ones that fitted into the fireplace hole.

I also have the Rubie Cabinet from the same range which is pretty much my favorite cabinet in the world.

Once the crib/cot arrives in a few weeks 'Baby Corner' will be complete. Well, almost complete, it will just need the baby obviously.

Not only was the excitement of the drawer delivery almost too much to bear, it's arrival meant that I could actually put some of the things away that we have bought. So I spent an hour or so washing tiny clothes for the first time last night. I'm sure I'll get fed up with this sort of thing at some point in the not too distant future but for now I can say it was the happiest time I have ever spent with my washing machine. It really is the little things that make life great.

Talking of babies, which I am trying hard not to do too much of, I just wanted to say a very belated 'Congratulations' to some people we know who have recently experienced the trauma of childbirth had babies. The lovely lady at the Wedding dress shop (where my beautiful dress is currently in limbo) said to me last year that it's common for people to pro-create in times of recession and she wasn't wrong! So congratulations and welcome to the world:

Andy + Laura = baby Rory
Ian + Kei = baby Takeru
Jon + Amy = baby Ida
Natasha + Julian = baby Sebastian

And good luck to all our friends with babies pending in the next few months:

Kathryn + Lee
Lauren + Andrew
Craig + Nicky
Nat + Matt
Vicky + Danny
Peggy + Susie
Julian + Mrs Julian

So, moving on. February's Glossybox was pony. I received it last week and seriously thought about canceling about my subscription. I'm aware that this is a huge about turn from my initial 'it's amazeballs' reaction to my first Glossybox but Februarys box was rubbish! When you sign up to it, you tick various boxes to let them know what sort of products you would be interested in. I know I have a bad memory but I'm pretty sure I didn't tick the box saying "I'd really like to look like Danny La Rue please".

My box contained:

1 x Packet Fake plastic nails. I have never worn plastic nails in my life.
1 x Gold Eyeshadow. I have worn gold eyeshadow in my life but I've tried to erase that dark period from my memory.
1 x DuWop Lip Plumping gloss. In gold. Again, why?
1 x Slimy secretion to protect hair from straighteners. I have never used straighteners. Ever.
1 x Cheap shower gel sample.

Oh dear . . . sadly the best thing about this delivery was the ribbon which I have put in my sewing box. But just as I was about to cancel next months box and all future boxes, I received a VERY exciting email from them. March's box is a collaboration with Harrods and will be made up of products from the Harrods beauty department! I think I'll give them one more chance...

Last week wasn't a total disappointment however, since my dear friend Twitty McPhee (made up name) took me for a Theatre trip to see "Singing in the Rain" at the Palace Theatre, Soho.


The trailer really doesn't do it justice - it was BRILLIANT. I'd heard about this production as it has rain effects in it using actual water and apparently if you sit in the first few rows of the theatre you get soaked. We were in row C, the third row from the stage and got soaked. Twice. Despite that though I would strongly recommend trying to get tickets for this. Rather annoyingly I went on the one day of the last year and a half that I didn't take my camera so couldn't take any photos, but not only was the show spectacular (great sets, choreography, costumes, everything), the actual theatre is stunning and well worth a visit for that alone.

When Twitty suggested we go to see this particular show she was unaware of my strong attachment to the song "Singing in the Rain". When I was small and attended Stage School (*snort*) this was MY song. At all our shows at the Warley Mental Hospital (I'm not being rude, that's what it was actually called before Political Correctness had been invented) and in competitions, this is what I sang as my solo so it shall be burned onto my brain for infinity. I can even remember the outfit I had to wear. It was a royal blue A-line rain coat with bright pink flowers sewn on and matching sowester and umbrella. I think my memory is so clear because ultimately this song caused my childhood downfall and swift exit from the Stage School. In the final competition I ever took part in, aged about 5, I was rolled out to perform my little song and dance routine like some sort of clashing blue and pink monkey, but as soon as I had trotted merrily to the end of the stage to begin, my brain froze. For some reason I could not remember the lines to the song or my perfectly practiced dance routine. So I spent the entire duration of the number standing on the stage sobbing at the judges. And that was the end of my show business career. I quit the stage school that afternoon and haven't worn a royal blue and pink floral sowester since.

Finally, I would just like to say thank you to my older Brother for the very sweet card he sent me, all the way from down under mate. I love stationary and think it's very important to send cards for birthdays, as thanks you and for just because you can. Aren't stamps amazing? I also like the words on the front of this card, it made me a bit teary. I'm blaming the hormones. "A gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life", yep, thats me.

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