Friday, 26 August 2011

Broken hearts and whole hearts

The week started with a trip to the Museum of Broken Relationships. This is a little exhibition spread across 2 venues in Covent Garden with an entry fee of £3.50. When my friend suggested we go, I was a little wary to be quite frank, since I thought it was going to be a sad way to spend a few hours. My fears were not particularly put aside when the chap selling the tickets remarked that we might need a break between the venues since its rather upsetting... However, apart from the obvious (it's an exhibition about people's broken relationships) there were also some quite funny elements to it to and I do recommend a little sniff around if you are in the area and at a loose end.

The exhibition contains items that people were given in relationships that have since broken down. You know what its like, you hold on to bits of old tat that some ex gave you and you don't know what to do with it. Well these people had the same problem until this exhibition popped up and gave the tat a new home. Each item is accompanied by a little story detailing the history behind it, some are funny stories but some are really sad. To name a few of the  artifacts donated, there is a 'His' hand towel (the 'Her' hand towel disappeared when the girlfriend moved out), a pair of white shoes (the male owner was given them by his ex and one plus side of the relationship break up is that he doesn't have to wear the white shoes again. He doesn't like white shoes), a small plastic bottle containing tears (REALLY sad) and then there was this:

The curator was right. We couldn't handle the two venues in one go.

But although the week started on a slight sad not, it has got happier and happier as the days have gone by. The day after the museum visit, The Wig and I sat down and designed our Wedding 'Branding', or Save The Date cards and Invites if you prefer. This is really exciting and I wish I could post a picture of it but I fear I may be peaking too soon. Without giving too much away (I hope) the design is based on a Victorian Valentines postcard I picked up at an Antiques place and a postcard that we picked up in Skiathos the day we got engaged at St Nicolas Church. Here is the church, oh happy days...:

But even more exciting than that, we have picked our venue! So we now have a venue and a date! Well almost. When we pay the deposit next week we'll have a venue and a date but its pretty much sorted. And I am literally over the moon about it. Again, I would love to post some pictures of it but think I may keep it as a bit of a surprise for the time being. I can honestly say, the way I feel at the moment is the happiest I have ever been in my life. I think I have spent most of my life walking on egg shells waiting for the next bad thing to happen but now I know (unless The Wig jilts me) that in a years time, something amazing WILL be happening and it will be something that we can share with with all the people who we love and who have supported The Wig and I throughout our lives.

I never imagined getting married as I think when you come from a family where your parents have a disastrous marriage it taints your view on the subject. Also, it always seemed like a huge expense to me but now I am down the road of cake toppers and button holes I am so looking forward to our wedding and our lives together that it makes me god damn well up just writing about it! 

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