Saturday, 20 August 2011

Under a Microscope.

There are some really great looking train stations in and around London, you just might have to go to the arse end of nowhere to see them. Yesterday I had to go to Uxbridge which felt like a long way away from anywhere, but I was rewarded at my destination by some stunning 30's architecture and design.

The station was opened in 1938 and has a rather beautiful stained glass window at the entrance and two "winged wheel" sculptures above the doorway. The rest of Uxbridge didn't look too good to be honest, but I wasn't there to have a good time. I went to do a 'camera test' for a job we are pitching on at work.  A camera test which involved filming an eye. Unfortunately due to the nature of the project I had to be the poor victim that the camera got tested on. I now completely understand why TV presenters and Actors alike were up in arms when HD cameras and TV's came out. It produces the most unforgiving images I have ever seen of myself. Being very short sighted, life is always viewed by me in a lovely flattering blur. With HD, however, the detail is terrifying. Every wrinkle, stray eyebrow, wonky eyelash, presented on screen in hideous high definition. Basically, the entire experience was excruciating, much worse than having a root canal or a Primary School Physical Examination.  My 36 year old chops, under what is effectively a very strong microscope is not what the world needs to see. How anyone wants to marry it (ie me) is something I don't think I'll ever fully understand after what I saw yesterday. We hadn't thought about a gift list for the Wedding but maybe if anyone did want to get us anything we could ask for plastic surgery vouchers.

Subsequently, after a rather unpleasant day at work I thought it would be a good idea to go to the Curzon Cinema and watch a documentary about Animal Cruelty...

'Project Nim' is a fascinating documentary by the chaps who made the amazing 'Man on a Wire'. The film is about an American chimp from the 70's who was brought up by humans in order to 'humanise' him and teach him how to use sign language. At times its funny but mostly its disturbing and gets progressively harder to watch as it plays out. There were definitely a few members of the audience shedding the odd tear while we were watching it. I'm sure there a few people in the film who wont be pleased with the way they are portrayed in it but then they have to take responsibility for their part in a very odd 'scientific' experiment. 'Project Nim' is hard to watch at times but its still a very fascinating documentary and I would rate it 9 bananas out of a possible 10. Maybe not one to take a first date to see.

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