Sunday, 28 August 2011

Let the (Wedding) hoarding commence!

If I can teach you anything at all about the world based on my experience of life so far, it would be not to go to Brighton on a Bank Holiday weekend. To say it was hectic would be so much of an underestimation it would be a blatant lie. I don't know why we thought we would be the only people with the idea of seaside visit, but we soon realised our mistake as we boarded the train at London Bridge.

Nevertheless the day was salvaged slightly by the following things:

1. Whilst following The Wig around one of many record shops, I picked up a new CD. It was playing in the shop and sounded so awesome, that despite the fact I am trying to only spend money on things wedding related or 'old stuff', I bought the album. Mojo + Q both gave it five stars which is good enough for me. I think Beirut have been around for a while but I'd never heard of them before and I'm pretty sure some of their songs will now be making it onto the Wedding playslist. The music is a bit Mumford and Sonsy but the lead singer has a much nicer / better voice in my opinion. I'm crap at reviewing music and films, I just know what I like and I jolly well like this new album, I've listened to it 5 times already. The March hare scores it a high 9 accordians out of a possible 10.

2. The (kind and generous) Wig bought me a ring from a jewellery shop down one of the lanes. We saw it in the window of Silverado and it is a HARE! I tried it on and it was a perfect fit so it seemed mean to leave it in the window when it could come home with me to Hackney. It's made by a company called Zoe + Morgan and they have some really lovely pieces on their website, all very reasonably priced (particularly if someone buys you one of their items as a gift...).

3. The hoarding is well and truly underway for the wedding. One of the reasons I like going to Brighton for a day trip is that there are loads of antique/second hand/ bric-a-brac places to get stuck into. The best place of all is a huge shop filled to the brim with 'old stuff' called 'Snoopers Paradise'. If there was ever a prize for the most perfect description of a shop this would win. It would even beat 'Poundland'. Its AMAZING. Well, usually its amazing. When I've been in the past I've always returned home laden with booty I didn't know I needed, but the problem I currently have, is that I am looking for specific things for the wedding rather just 'any old shit' as my friend called it. To be precise I'm on the hunt for glass cake stands, Beswick Planters and old cake toppers.  However, I only found one small glass stand yesterday (£8) which I was very disappointed about, although The Wig was very relieved since I'd already bought 2 glass stands this week from Liberty's. God knows what our poor one bedroom flat is going to look like by the time the actual wedding occurs. It will most probably resemble a cross between Granny's boudoir and an Undertakers Florist's from the 1950's. Poor Wig.

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