Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"Pea and Ghosts Cheese Salad"

I don't know how we managed it but on Saturday, the day after The Wigs birthday drinks, we recced another possible wedding venue - we are well and truly in the grip of Wedding Fever. And I really think we are getting close to finding 'the one'. It was quite an achievement considering the amount, not to mention, variety of alcohol that The Wig had consumed the evening before, but I don't think the lady that showed us round could tell he was still drunk.

It was a beautiful day to be shown this particular place not only because of the rather awesome weather but also since they were setting up for another wedding which was taking place that afternoon. This meant that we could see what the place looks like with all the flowers and table settings and chairs laid out. Naturally I balled my eyes out the whole time and asked to hug the lady when we left. This is the second time in two weeks I have asked to hug a stranger due to my wedding emotions. I can't help it. The fact that I'm crying so much about the nuptuals is a good thing I think as it means by the time the actual day comes I'll be totally dehydrated and wont cry at all.

After a little mooch to calm down and regain my composure we stopped off for a spot of lunch at The Market Coffee House in Spittalfields.

Of all the years I lived in Shoreditch and now in Hackney I’ve never been here before despite walking past it hundreds of times. It’s the sort of place that you walk past very easily as it looks very dingey from the outside and doesn’t stand out at all in newly regenerated Spitalfields Market. However, we were very pleasantly surprised. Firstly we were surprised as its not really a coffee house, its a restaurant!  And secondly we were surprised as the food was delicious! Also the decor was rather olde wolde (which, being a Victorian trapped in a 2011 body, I very much enjoyed) and the staff were a delight. We particularly liked our tiny French waitress who tried to tempt us with the Lunchtime Special of a 'Pea and Ghosts Cheese Salad'. We declined.

Eventually, Wiggles plumped for the White Bait and I had a nice slimming Steak and Chips but we will definietly be back again to sample more of the wares on offer. The Market Coffee House rates 8 Poltergeists out of a possible 10. Lovely.

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