Sunday, 7 August 2011

The two course breakfast

The weekend has been most uneventful. After 4 long shoot days last week, I felt knackered all day Saturday and did very little all day apart from shuffle around the flat with my eyes half closed. We were supposed to go out for dinner last night as part of The Wigs birthday treat but I was too tired to go. I've never been too tired for food before, this is most distressing. Maybe I'm too old / unfit to be doing 17 hour shoot days. I really hate to waste any time on a weekend but sometimes you just need to sleep a lot and watch an old film. So yesterday, in between naps, I watched 'The Red Shoes' which I had been wanting to watch for a very long time. Apparently its one of Martin Scorsese's favorite films, and I think now it might be one of mine. Stunning costumes, beautiful dancing, great locations and no swearing! Perfect. I don't think it will be one of The Wigs favorite films though. He fell asleep half way through.

Today though I did at least manage to go outside. We went for a little drive to Exmouth Market for breakfast. Exmouth Market is between Holborn and Clerkenwell and is basically one lovely street with independent shops and eateries along it. It's very busy during the week and on a sunny evening after work it's a great stop off for a drinky poo or two as everyone spills out of the bars into the market. Cafe Kick in particular is a great bar if you like table football and Mojitos'.

The only down side is, if you go on a Sunday, pretty much anything worth looking at is closed, however we did discover a very nice place for breakfast. We had intended to go to Caravan, a restaurant with very good reviews for its breakfasts, however even though we arrived only ten minutes after it had opened, it was already full up! It must be good so we'll definitely be back to try again you mark my words. 

So instead we ended up in a lovely new place called Gail's Artisan Bakery. If I wasn't currently trying to drastically reduce my calorific intake I probably could have stayed there all day and waited for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner too. The food was deliciously fresh and the portions were huge. The Wig and I shared our food so we could have a breakfast 'main' and a breakfast 'pudding'. I doubt there is a better way to start the day.

Fried eggs, bacon and grilled tomato on an English Muffin.

Hot cakes with maple syrup, greek yoghurt, poached pairs and pecans (missing!)

After Googling Gail's when I got home I discovered that it is a chain (and they sell their products in Waitrose) which for some reason disappointed me, but you should check out if there is one near you and pop your nose in. It really is very good although a bit on the pricey side. I think I'd give Gail's 7 muffin tops out of 10, the food, decor and service is great but I've marked it down for its slightly too high prices.

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