Monday, 15 August 2011

Enrique the confused Goldfish

On Sunday, The Wig and I took a little trip out to deepest Essex to see my little brother, my sister in law and my two tiny neices. We also met the newest addition to their family, Enrique. A boy goldfish who lives in a pink bowl with pink stones, named after Enrique Iglesias. He looks a bit confused and who can  blame him.

You can be my hero Enrique...

Even more exciting than meeting a goldfish who has been named by a 3 year old after a Latin Love God, is the fact that Betty the Banana Baby, born 6 weeks early on Christmas Eve, is on the move! She is desperately trying to crawl which consists of a lot of rolling around on the carpet but it's so amazing! Go Betty Go! Only around 12 months before you'll be accompanying me up the aisle as my flower girl so there's still time to get some rolling practice in.

Go Betty! 

Betty and big sister Harriet.

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