Thursday, 11 August 2011

Not so Super 8

If you might be going to see 'Super 8' at the cinema anytime soon you might want to look away. I'm about to write an honest, from the heart review after watching it last night at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green.

After waiting ages for a ticket (they are definitely going to get marked down a point for this), The Wig and I went to our seats in an almost empty screen. 'Lovely', I thought. That was until two skinny jeaned, Ronnie Corbett glasses wearing, grey faced, roll up and beer smelling 'chap's sat directly behind me and preceded to kick the back of my chair pretty much all the way through the damn film. No amount of loud tutting and stink eye could deter these two irritants. Some people are plain annoying.

Anyway, the film itself I'm sad to say was also rather annoying. I really enjoyed the first half an hour or so but then it became totally ridiculous. I'd read a few reviews and a few people had said to me "Ooh, its great! You'll love it!  It's like a Spielberg film from when you were a kid". Well I'm afraid I have to disagree and I'm not sure if its because its not like a Spielberg film from when I was a kid or whether its because I am not a kid anymore but a cynical old adult.

My issues were thus:

1. The train crash: Went on for far too long. How many carriages were there exactly . . . ?
2. The Kids: Apart from the main boy and girl, the others were complete strereotypes. (ie tubby one, lippy one, wimpy one...).
3. The first scene: If it was one day since the last factory accident, how could the mum's funeral be so soon?
4. The locket: It was a round shape all the way through the film then at the end when it got sucked onto the spaceship it was an oval/egg shape.
5. Alien: The worst thing of the whole film! Far too scary and it looked like a massive spider made of licorice sticks. Just too unbelievable. How could it have dug that big hole all by itself? And why did he not eat the hero little boy towards the end? The thing with ET was that it could actually happen! There really could be a small, brown, long fingered, midget man wandering around the garden.
6. The best thing about it: The hot dad. The Policeman not the love child of Dennis Leary/Gerard Depardieu.

So unfortunately, I can only give 'Super 8'  5 shape shifters out of a possible 10. I'd wait till it comes out on video if I were you.

Sadly the night did not improve after we left the cinema. We popped into the Albion on Redchurch Street for a spot of dinner and my prawns all had poo lines in them which pretty much summed up the evening.

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