Friday, 4 March 2011


There was no point putting it off any longer. The more I put it off, the more I didn't want to do it. But last night I faced up to my fears and my best friend, Twit McPhee aka The Twit, and I, ventured into a wedding dress shop. Shudder. As expected it was an exceedingly uncomfortable experience and I am thinking today that, perhaps I might feel more comfortable with a themed fancy dress wedding. Maybe a theme  based around my favorite food . It would be far less intimidating and I'm sure the wig wouldn't mind. In fact I think he would make a lovely prawn.

The shop I went to is a 'vintage' shop which in my head meant less pricey than 'new'  but in reality meant 'Granny's net curtains circa 1976 if Granny smoked 60 Marlboro Reds a day'. Not only did the shop make me feel very uncomfortable but I didn't really get the concept behind it.  It only seemed to have 3 (yellowing, net) dresses which to me does not constitute a shop, and when I probed the girl behind the counter about how it all worked, I was really none the wiser.

Me: "Hello. So, how does this 'work' then?"
Girl: "Have you made an appointment?"
Me: "No".
Girl: "Ok, well you need to make an appointment".
Me: "Why?"
Girl: "So you can try the dresses on".
Me: " Ok, well do you have more than 3 dresses?
Girl: "Yes, they are out the back. But you need to make an appointment".
 Me: " I don't know if I want to try them on if I don't know what they look like".
Girl: "You have to make an appointment".
Me: " To look at them?"
Girl: "Yes".
Me: (confused)
Girl: "Or you can look at the dresses on our website, but to be honest its not updated very often so probably they will have been sold by the time you make an appointment. Are you getting married soon?"
Me: "Not at this rate, no".

And then my brain exploded. Again.

What a weird idea for a shop. 

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