Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sore balls

The new shoes reminded me yesterday why I don't usually wear heels. I had the most excruciating balls when I got home last night. I'm not sure where that leaves my new image if the one thing I have bought to wear renders me unable to move around. I may have to have a rethink. What also didn't help was that I had to do a lot of trotting around yesterday, making trips through Soho to the new office I shall be working out of over the next couple of weeks. It’s pretty exciting but not too good for the old peds! The new office has a phone, the internet, a printer, a desk I don't have to share, post it notes, highlighter pens, a stapler, a ladder, need I go on?  This probably doesn't sound too exciting but it definitely beats working from home (Judge Judy is too damn distracting) and it also beats sharing a desk, power lead and chair, which is what I have been doing for the last week. It will be great! I don't know how long I will be working there for but I guess that’s the 'excitement' of being freelance. One thing that isn’t exciting about being freelance though is the all the boring financial and legal stuff like National Insurance, tax, finding an accountant apparently . . . etc  . . . etc  . . . if you could hear sounds through this blog, you would just have heard the sound of my head exploding.

Apart from sore feet yesterday I also had a sore brain thinking about the wedding again. I met up with my friend last night who got engaged a month after me but who has already got her wedding planned for this May. Amazing. I like to think I am a fairly organized person but her organisational skills have put me to shame. And if that wasn't bad enough, while she was telling me about her plans we were having a rather disappointing dinner. 

(NB: Yesterday Auntie Margaret emailed me and said all my blogs about food were making her feel queasy and that it was no wonder I was feeling a bit tubby considering all the food I am consuming. Auntie Margaret has a very good point, although Auntie, you may want to look away now)

My friend and I met at the O Bar on Wardour Street, I’d never been before, but think I will definitely be visiting again. It had beautiful chandeliers, an extensive bar, friendly barman, leather seats, I would definitely recommend for a cheeky wine or cocktail and rate it 9 cocktail umbrellas out of a possible 10.

After the nice drink, however, we the crossed the road to Satsuma. Oh dear . . . I have not been to this Japanese restaurant for a few years, but it’s basically a Wagamamas type place. It has the same seating arrangement as Wagamamas whereby you share long benches rather than having individual tables and pretty much the same menu, but sadly nowhere near as good on the d├ęcor or customer service front.

Satsuma looks very tired and grubby and not only were the toilets revolting and the staff extremely mardy, when my friends food came and was not what she ordered, the waitress said it was too bad and there was nothing that could be done about it. Customer Service at its pathetic worst. But, when I asked to see the manager suddenly she changed her mind, was very apologetic and brought the correct food out. Now there is always a bit of a dilemma in this situation though since they have most probably put something horrid in the food by this point as you dared stand up to them. Should you eat the food and hope it isn't tainted by some sort of chef/waitress secretion or just quit while your ahead?  Dilemma . . . .  And its for these reasons I would rate Satsuma 0 gyoza out of a possible 10. This place is to be avoided particularly since there is so much choice in Soho for good places to eat. I should have taken more notice of the 'No Entry' sign next to the front door and just not gone in.

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