Thursday, 17 March 2011

A dangerous day trip

One of the best things about life these days is that everyday is working out differently. Not only did I spend most of the day today working from a highspeed office (a train), I also completed my most random and dangerous mission of the year so far. I was a mule transporting a frozen turkey sized lump of dry ice pellets from Soho to Worthing, via the 11:17 from Victoria. It really was a race against time to deliver it to a shoot before it melted and/or burnt its way through the bag I was carrying it in. Incase you don't know, dry ice is solidified Carbon Dioxide and is really really cold, ie -80 degrees, if you touch it without gloves it can burn your skin off. It was also very heavy. A random and dangerous mission indeed but luckily a successful one, without any frostbite or pulled back muscles. However Worthing is terrifying.

I was interested to go to Worthing on 3 accounts. Firstly I have never been there, and I love exploring new lands since you never know if they will have a juicy old junk shop, secondly I love a train journey and thirdly because The Wig had lived there once and I am a nosy sod and wanted to see what it was like. He didn't give it the most glowing review though, I believe his exact words before I left were "it's where old people go to die", but I went with an open mind. Big mistake. It was horrid. Its the kind of place that has street lights on throughout the day as its so dark and grey. Worthing unfortunately is well past its prime and looks like its being left to crumble away. I would not recommend a day trip there to anyone. Not even an enemy.

I am also going to blame Worthing for my disappointing supper. Since I had got the waft of fish and chips in my nostrils from my trip to the coast, I suggested to The Wig that we had a date for dinner at Poppies in Spitalfields. I saw Poppies the other day and was desperate to go there and have some fish and chips. The Wig let slip that he had been there already (without me??!! He kept that quiet . . . ) but was more than happy to go again.

Poppies looks amazing from the outside and also from the inside. It's been decorated in the style of a 40's chippy, take away chips are served in newspaper cones and the girls that work there all wear scarves in their hair like your granny used to. The staff were all really friendly, the place was spotlessly clean, but sadly I would have to say it is rather style over substance. The food was not that great. We shared a starter (we are on a diet . . .) of Whitebait which were delicious, however it went rather down hill after that. My scampi were tasteless, The Wig thought his cod was dry, the chips were pale and the tartare was bland.  I think that I was so excited about going it probably was never going to live up to my expectations, but it really was quite disappointing and at £10 for a main, it should have been better than it was. It pains me to say it but Poppies only get 5 battered sausages out of a possible 10. And Worthing gets half.

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