Monday, 21 March 2011

Super Mega Moon + Super(size) Mega Me.

I've been avoiding writing for a day or so as I don't have anything to report apart from a lot of eating.  So I'm rather embarrassed. My Aunts words have been ringing in my ears about my food intake at the moment, and she is right.  If I'm feeling a bit tubby, I should just stop eating so much!  But I can't seem too! I have been wondering why this might be for a few weeks and was trying to work out why I love food more than appears to be normal. I wondered if it was because I was brought up by someone who's first years were spent on rations during WWII so we were always taught not to waste food. And then I thought about blaming The Wig. I often tell him he has made me fat but he just says we like eating because we are happy. But I really don't know what the answer is. I was thinking about blaming Saturday's Super Mega Moon, as it seems to be getting the blame for a lot of things at the moment, but I don't really think that would be very fair.

Friday night began with a date with the Wig and a few drinks at The Strongroom on Curtain Road. This is one of The Wigs favorite drinking holes since it's close to his studio, it has lots of outside space (he gets hot very quickly if he has to stay inside) and has normal pub prices. Its website describes itself as a "haven for those in the know" and I would say its a definite recommend for a quick no nonsense drink. You have to have your bag searched on the way in but as long as you aren't carrying any cruise missiles or live animals you shouldn't have a problem.

After that we popped into our favorite vietnamese restaurant on Curtain Road, the Little Hanoi. I say it's our favorite on Curtain Road but I think it might actually be the only one I've been to on Curtain Road. And maybe the only one on Curtain Road fullstop. But nevertheless its great. To be fair, I have only been there after a few wines at The Strongroom but I think its nice and I haven't died from eating the food so its probably ok. Or maybe the alcohol killed the germs. What a recommendation.

Saturday, we went and had lunch at our favorite Traditional Swedish Restaurant. It's not the easiest place for us to get to since we have to get an overland train and a bus but its definitely worth it. Its a really great little place, I say little but actually its quite big and we can always get a seat. We haven't had to make a reservation yet! Not only is the food extremely nice, but its also really good value. As a side line the restaurant sells a very good range of homeware's which is a bonus. So as well as having a real taste of Sweden I also picked up a new kitchen tap, a jug, a dish wrack and some plates.

In the evening we went to a friends for dinner in Charlton via the SUPER MEGA MOON, which was amazing and obviously my photos don't do it justice, but it really was a sight to behold. I cant wait another 20 years to see it again but I'm afraid I'll have to. The dinner at my friends was delicious but she was not keen for me to take photos unfortunately, although I will just say her mini stuffed pepper and chorizo platter was knockout.

Sunday, and I had a breakfast date with an Australian. (I'm starting to make myself feel queasy now writing about all of this food to be honest). Since visiting my brother in Sydney last year, I know how much they like their breakfasts so I felt slightly under pressure. My first idea was to go to S+M on Brushfield Street but as soon as we had sat down I had a bad flashback and knew we needed to leave immediately.

The Wig and I had been there before and had one of the worst breakfasts ever. The restaurant has the smelliest drain in existence by its front door, the menus are dirty, the service is not very good and there are far better places to go nearby. So as soon as we sat down we got back up again and went to Canteen.

We both had a delicious breakfast of sausage, bacon, tomato, poached eggs, green stuff and brown toast. The service was very good compared to my last visit, a good option for a nice breakfast although at £25 for 2, not the most value for money.

Today I'm on a shoot, so more food. I only had an open topped prawn sandwich but still feel guilty and embarrassed. I should really have just had tap water and a dry cracker, but prawn cocktail sauce is the shit.

Here is a picture of some prawns. I'm going to get my mouth sewn up tomorrow.

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