Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It's been 4 days since I last mentioned food so I thought Id' better go out and get me some! I met up with someone I used to work with today and she (or her float) treated me to a delicious lunch at Lantana on Charlotte Place, W1. Or Fitzrovia as they call it. Or NoHo as some oddballs call it. She also gave me a small gift of a necklace (which she had got from a shoot). God bless the Advertising Industry.

I've only been to Lantana once before and sort of forgot about it, but it really is a great little place to go for a morning coffee, or lunch or afternoon tea and cake. They are also open until 8:30pm as a bar so you could grab a beer after work if you were in the area and wanted to try something different. Lantana seems to be run by Australians, who are my new favorite type of person. They just seem so laid back and friendly and nothing seems to bother them, I can see why my older brother moved out there (even though I cry about it every day . . . ).

There are 2 sections to the cafe, Lantana 'In' is the half where you can sit down and eat 'in' and the other side, Lantana 'Out' sells the same food but its for taking 'out', geddit? . . . It has a very simple interior, standard white walls and wooden furniture but it also has a pretty painting of butterflies on the back wall.  Yes, I just said a "pretty painting of butterflies". What a loser.


They also have a great blog, with lots about Australian coffee shops on should you be into that kind of thing:


Anyway, the food was delicious, most of which is very healthy and a main costs between £6 - £10 which isn't cheap but its worth of it in a town where customer service is so poor. The chap that served us was very helpful, even offering us tastes of the salads to see if we liked them. And he laughed at my 'jokes', so I'm definitely going back. I ate a delicious pile containing corn fritters, bacon, rocket, oven roasted tomatoes and creme fraiche, all washed down with a fruity Sav Blanc. Yumsters. What a delightful way to kill a couple of hours! I would rate Lantana 9 corked hats out of a possible 10. It really is bonzer. 

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