Sunday, 6 March 2011

Just Let Me Go. Please.

I have started to speculate to accumulate for the wedding by ordering 3 'craft' books from Amazon. They are hopefully going to be an inspiration and kick start me into action on planning for the big day. The Wig and I will definitely be making all the stationary ourselves, but do our guests really need heart shaped fans, coffee filter pom poms and rosette boutonnieres. What is a boutonniere? How have I managed to get through life thus far without ever hearing of them/it or requiring them/it? And what on earth is a 'bride and groom shakey'? Having worked in the Production of commercials for a very long time, I should be feeling confident about this particular production but I just don't know where to start and now am worried I am going to turn into one of those wedding bore's. This is the 2nd time I have mentioned it on this blog this week. I'm boring myself.

Also since I started sniffing around possible venues on the internet,  I am pretty much an expert on places in London that you can hire for weddings. (I could do a London Walk on Wedding Venues. I won't but I could, if I don't get a proper job). I first noticed this annoying trait when I did my sightseeing day with my brother.  As we walked past Tower Bridge ("You can hire a place inside the bridge for a wedding you know? Imagine that!"), by the Tower of London ("There's an amazing old Music Hall near here that you can hire. It's pretty much my dream venue. But too expensive"), through the city ("Oooh, this is near the Coq D'Argent! My friend had her reception there!") etc etc... Yawn....

It also happened when I when I went out for 'industry' type drinks on Friday night. They were being held at 1 Greek Street, which I must have walked past a gillion times but have never been inside. Its a charitable organisation that you can hire with a percentage of the revenue being put back into the charity. But as soon as I went out into the courtyard I recognised it instantly. Fairy lights, little chapel, another venue! But after exclaiming "You can hire this place for a wedding, I recognise it from my wedding venue research!" Suddenly I found myself alone. I reckon I should try to keep my wedding venue tourettes under control in future. If I want any friends.

Anyway, last night The Wig and I got round to watching "Never Let me Go". Neither of us have read the book but we have both in the past been bought copies by different friends so I had high hopes for this story. If our friends like the book enough to buy it for us then it should be right up our alley. However, after watching it, I think maybe it is the kind of story that works best in a book. I think that you need more details than you can squeeze into a film to understand and appreciate the story fully. It was also quite hard to watch since The Wig kept whispering about how depressing it was and how it was giving him chest pains. Whereas I just wanted to get to the end. We considered a double bill of 'Beaches' and 'Steel Magnolias' when we got home to lighten the mood.

Andrew Garfield does a brilliant vulnerable young man (you should check him out in 'Boy A' too) and Carey Mulligan does a very varied range of 'one side of mouth smiling' to enhance her passivity. The Art Direction, Cinematography and Wardrobe were all superb, and I will also mention the fabulous screenplay since my friends' brother wrote it but sadly, the subject matter was a bit too heavy going for me. Not even Keira Knightly's mighty bottom jaw could distract me away from this fact. Maybe if I had read the book though it would have been a gentler introduction to the futility, rather than being whacked in the face in the first ten minutes. So, I'm afraid"Never Let me Go" scores 5 organ donations out of a possible 10. Sorry.

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