Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Canvey Island 2

So when I said London want too bad, it was a sort of lie. The last 2 mornings, London has been hell.  Firstly, my overland trains have been delayed to Liverpool Street, then its been almost impossible to get on the tube. Yesterday I had to let 5 tubes go before I could squeeze into one. Having to let 4 go, so to speak, is my record after 15 years of working in Soho so I should really feel happy that I beat my personal best. But all I felt when I finally made it to my work station was dirty and traumatised. Being squashed between the BFG's rucksack and Charles Bronson with a cold made me want to go home, have a bleach bath and a good cry. I can't bear to be squashed against strangers on public transport, its revolting, you don't know where they have been. I know some people like this kind of thing, but not me. It makes me feel a bit sick.

And it was for that reason that I needed a stiff one after work last night. The stress from public transport and trying to put off the journey home drove me to it. Luckily it was 'white wine wednesday' at a pub off of Regent Street where all the wines are £10.95 a bottle. I met up with my best friend and a few of her workmates from Live Nation (you might have heard of them, and if not, check them out here, I'm not on commission, just spreading the word . . . .). Well, I say she is my best friend but quite frankly she is skating on thin ice at the moment. Not only did she call my boots gay last night (whatever that means) but she also said this blog is boring. Luckily the March Hare does not discriminate and I still want her to be a bridesmaid at my non-existent wedding, but she definitely needs to mind her lip for the foreseeable future.

I was not intending to drink wine on a school night but as I said, it's  TFL's fault, but I'm so glad it did as if I had not stayed out, I would not have been travelling home at 10pm and I never would have met the Canvey Island 2!  When I did finally muster up the stamina to face the tube home I obviously found myself on the carriage that was completely empty apart from 2 rather inebriated, tracksuit top wearing teenagers. Not only were they loud (in volume and attire) they had created a rather large pile of Pringles on the floor. Normally ie if I had not been drinking cheap wine, I would have turned around, got off the tube and waited for the next one, but for some reason I felt drawn to these characters. And I'm so glad I was. It was the best tube ride home I think I've ever had. It turned out that they had travelled all the way into town from Canvey Island (which we all agreed is a complete dump) to go to a gig. On arriving at the gig they were turned away for being too drunk so bought some supplies and got back on the tube to go home.  After buying Vodka and Fanta they realised they had nothing to mix them in, so they emptied the Pringles onto the floor and created a huge Vodka/Fanta/sour cream and chive cocktail. Which they had been drinking from for quite some time. An unusual combination but ingenious none the less.

Anyway, in a nutshell they were just 2 very nice kids. Obviously I can't remember their names but can safely say I have never met 2 nicer 19 year olds ever. The female of the duo told me that she worked in a curtain factory on Canvey Island and last week their oldest member of staff retired at 70 years old. Apparently the old lady got mugged 2 days later by a teenager. The female was obviously disgusted by this and said "How awful is that? But the problem is, I know people look at us and think we're yobs, but we are aren't, we wouldn't hurt anyone". And I think she had a point. It was only because I was a bit tipsy that I sat near them but they weren't dangerous hoodlums, they were funny, and sensitive and very resourceful with a Pringles tube. So, in future I will make more of an effort with teenagers and think everyone should do the same. Hug a teenager for 2011! Its my new manifesto.

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