Saturday, 12 March 2011

Clam (+ Wrasse) Linguine

I needed some more storage for all my family tree documents which I really have to start putting in some sort of order soon, so popped into The Dog and Wardrobe for an old suitcase. These cases are so useful as not only do look nice they also make moving really easy, if/when it ever happens again. We can just pick up the cases and sling them in the back of a van. Easy. After we bought the case, we popped into Artwords bookshop on Broadway Market or Annoying Buggy and Dog street as like to call it. Artwords is an independent bookshop specialising in books and magazines on the contemporary visual arts. The Wig loves this shop but the music they play in there gives me a headache. It does have some quite interesting books though and today we bought a great reference book for our wedding invites. It's a beautiful book all about Letterpress designs from San Fransisco and New York. The text inside is Japanese, which I didn't realise until we got home but I'll only look at the pictures anyway so I don't suppose it matters that I cant understand a word of it.

On the way home we popped into a new little market at Netil Market near London Fields which I've never seen before. The stalls were a bit boot fair-y but I did pick up 3 old bottles for £5 which I am collecting for something I want to do for the wedding. Any excuse to buy more crap! I mean essential items . . .

Finally, we popped into Fin and Flounder to pick up some clams and got talked into buying some Wrasse. Ive never heard of a Wrasse before but the chap in the shop talked it up and we like trying new foods. Big mistake. When I got home I tried to google some recipes and could only find the following comments:

"Not like anything else I've tried....and hopefully will never try again".

"Fill a large pot with water and bring to the boil. Once boiling add a brick and a wrasse. Simmer until the wrasse has disolved, then eat the brick".

"If we are reduced to eating wrasse, then we truly have become a third world country!"

Luckily The Wig is a good cook so made the best of a bad situation, but I would not bother having Wrasse again. It didn't taste bad or anything it just disintegrated so was a bit of a waste of time. The Wrasse gets 3 fins out of a possible 10 but the rest of the dinner gets an 8. Thanks Wig!

Clam (+ Wrasse) Linguine

Soften an onion and 2 cloves of garlic in some olive oil in a pan.
Add 3 chopped tomatoes to the pan and season.
When the ingredients have reduced slightly, add some white wine.
When the wine has heated up add the clams (+ Wrasse) and cover and cook until the clams have opened.
Once the clams are cooked, add some parsley, pour over cooked linguine and serve.

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