Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blog layout update and thank you

Due to a couple of enquiries by regular readers (yes, I have regular readers. BRILLIANT!) I have added a new section to the layout of the blog today. Down the right hand side you will find a list imaginatively titled 'Places mentioned in the blog'. It lists all the places that I have been to for your quick reference. I hope this helps with all your booze / food / shopping / film watching requirements. The March Hare aims to please, and please remember, all comments and suggestions are gratefully received.

We also fiddled about with the logo at the top of the page on the weekend too, but do you think it's too big? Knowing a bit about branding I know its important but it looks a bit large to me on my tiny laptop.

Finally, thank you so much for checking in with my ramblings every now and then, it really does mean a lot to me. And if you know anyone who might like to read about the comings and goings of someone experiencing a nervous breakdown as it happens, please send them my way   xxx


  1. Nothing wrong with the size of the logo! But, as you've brought layout to the table, I would like to make an enquiry concerning typography. In my opinion, the use of italic type makes the body matter harder to read. Would you consider dropping the italic type? It would increase legibility!

    / k

  2. Hi Swede, thanks for the feedback. I tried changing the font and taking it off the italic setting but I thought it looked a bit plain, but maybe thats as I'm not used to it. As a compromise I darkened the type? Can you tell? Has it helped with legibility? x