Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bargain Monday.

I think I may have a new favourite museum for 2011. On Monday I went to the Museum of London for the first time in 5 years and it was superb. I think it must have had a revamp since it was much better than I had remembered and as a consequence, I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in history and / or London. Its a short walk from Liverpool street which is also quite pleasant on a sunny day, and like most of the museums, has free entry. The Museum is quite hard to access since it appears to be located on top of a busy round about but its definietly worth almost getting knocked over for. It also has not one but two cafes inside and a really good shop. I love a museum shop. Brilliant.

The museum charts the history of London from Neanderthal days to modern days, and there are loads of artifacts and interactive displays which actually work. I wouldnt suggest going on a day when there are loads of groups of school kids though as it was a bit bloody noisy. I had no idea small children could be so loud.  The museum also has a free photography exhibition on at the moment until 4th September about London Street Photography which was an extra juicy bonus.

My Museum of London highlights were:

One of Queen Victoria's dolls. I was VERY excited about this. I love Royal stuff. God Save the Queen.

A wax mould of a dirty old syphlytic girls face. Creepy but strangely hypnotic.

A Child's Gas Mask from WWII.

An antler head dress. Wedding essential number 1.

Massively tall wedding cake. Wedding essential number 2.

Really wide arse hiding dress. Wedding essential number 3.

Bo Jo's wheels. Wedding essential number 4.

One of the fancy cafes.

Then, as if that wasn't enough of a treat, once I had sniffed round the shop and purchased a Queen Victoria postcard and some doilies from the museum shop (no idea why I need 8 doilies), I walked to the Barbican and watched "Oranges and Sunshine". And because it was a Monday, you can see a new release at the Barbican for £6.50! Worth remembering if you are ever after something to do on a Monday.

The film itself though was rather harrowing as its based on the true story of children in care being deported to Australia but definitely worth going to see. I give "Oranges and Sunshine"  7 tear soaked hankies out of 10.

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