Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Scarecrow and The Lion

This morning The Wig and I planted some seeds in our tiny vegetable patch at the back of the garden as we have done for the last couple of years. And every year it has been a battle with the local squirrel/cat/fox population of Hackney who eat/dig up/crap all over our produce. It's a battle that we usually lose along with all our vegetables and self respect (I cried when a squirrel ate our pumpkin). So it was for this reason that we ramped up our 'Patch Protection' this evening and made the most terrifying scarecrow I have ever seen. It's so scary that The Wig and I are now too scared to go into the garden alone and shall be watering the garden in pairs for the foreseeable future. It will take a lot to scare off the local vermin, they appear to have no fear so desperate times call for desperate measures. I knew those plastic limbs from Matalan would come in handy for something other than sticking them in the fireplace at Halloween. We have also given the Scarecrow some entertainment/accessories of an Opera CD and The Spy Who Shagged Me DVD to keep him company/scare away the birds. It's times like these that I love the Daily Mail freebies.

I also made a lion soft toy/cushion this afternoon. While the rest of London was out getting sun on their chops I was inside watching National Lampoon in Las Vegas and sewing. It was a gift from The Wig from a new shop in Brighton which he cant remember the name of, but is made by a company called Mibo.

The pattern for the toy/cushion is printed on some fabric which you can either use as a tea towel or make into the toy/cushion. A great idea for a present and I will definitely be getting the Fox version even though as a rule I absolutely hate foxes.

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