Monday, 18 April 2011

Busy busy busy

It’s been a hectic old week for The March Hare, hence I haven't had time to write anything, but it's definitely been worth it considering how much The Wig and I have achieved.

After a shoot on Thursday we attended a friends Private View at the Soho Gallery on Charing Cross Road, opposite Foyles bookshop. I’m ashamed to say that after 5 years of working my sense of direction is as bad as ever as I got lost on the way from Wardour Street but at least it gave me the opportunity to take some touristy picture of Trafalgar Square.

Shaun Mills is one of The Wigs best friends and he is a great illustrator, I'm not just saying that. I think his work was the best at the viewing so if you or anyone you know is in line for any illustration work or just a nice print for home check out his work online.

Then on Friday a very exciting occurrence took place. The Wig and I bought a car! This has all happened very quickly since he only passed his test the Friday before but we are now the proud owners of a Suzuki Ignis. I’d never heard of this car before and it does look a little bit like a vehicle for someone with special requirements but we love it all the same. We have also named the car Auntie Ignis, after my Norwegian Auntie Vigdis who I think I met once when I was a baby.

Collecting Auntie from the dealer in Boreham Wood also gave us the opportunity of a little afternoon tea treat at Peyton and Byrne at St Pancras. I love this small chain of cafes not only for the delicious food but also because the shops look so lovely. If you are passing a Peyton and Byrne you really must try their sausage rolls, apparently the best in London although they do say so themselves…

Saturday was also a very productive day since we had our little kitchen painted finally. After 4.5 years of me regretting my hurried choice of paint colour when I moved in, I think The Wig made a superb decision with Farrow & Balls ‘Skimming Stone’. Since it looks like we wont be able to move anytime soon having the room decorated almost feels like a new kitchen. Almost.

Auntie Ignis really came into her own on Saturday too since we loaded her up with new garden furniture, a tiny shed and a composter so we also sorted the garden out and are now ready for BBQ season! Auntie may only be small but my god she has a spacious boot.

The only downside of all these good things happening over the last few days is that we have had to suffer the consequence of a bad thing which seems to be the way of life. Our boiler has well and truly conked out so we have been unable to have any hot water since Saturday. This really is not an ideal situation to be in particularly after a warm weekend of shed construction and gardening but considering the bolier is almost as ancient as me it’s a miracle that we’ve got away with it for so long.

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