Thursday, 28 April 2011

I shall not sleep a wink!

After a very stressful week at work, what I need is a Royal Wedding to take my mind off things. What's that you say? Someone's getting married tomorrow? Really? I had no idea . . . .

I AM SO EXCITED about Wills Wales + Commoner Kate's special day tomorrow I have no idea if I will sleep at all tonight! I had planned to go and sniff around The Mall tonight and hang out with other like minded Royalists but I'm so exhausted from the week that I think an early night and a sleeping tablet is a better idea. That way I shall be fresh as a daisy for tomorrow's plan:

7am - Team West  (Ellie + Nick) to recce The Mall / Buckingham Palace vicinity for a juicy spot. Ellie to wear pearls, fur coat and plastic tiara.

7:15am - Team West to report to Team East (March Hare + The Wig) regarding the situation at Buck Pal. If it's good, we shall watch the ceremony on an iPad and wait for the newlyweds to come back to the balcony at the palace for the royal smooch. If it's bad, we'll head over to Hyde Park and watch it on the big screen.

7:30am - Team East to have a Royal breakfast at home of Salmon + Scrambled Eggs with a Bucks Fizz chaser.

8:am - Team East to pack up hamper with Royal cups, plates and napkins then head off to meet Team West, whilst wearing new Royal Family Badges and picking up party supplies en route ie scotch eggs, mini sausage rolls, Cava etc etc. Team East shall also take along their new "Knit Your own Royal Wedding Book" which mysteriously turned up from Amazon this morning. This will be useful to read while killing time in the portaloo queue.

8:45am - Team East to decant Cava into plastic vestles as you can't take glass near the parks or palace.

9am - Team West + Team East to convene and have a super Royal day out. Hurrah!

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