Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Brick Lane date

Its hard to know what to do when you are trying to avoid pubs. Particularly when its a Friday night and the sun is out. Years of Friday night drinking is going to be a hard habit to break, and I cant say I'm over the moon about it but I think it's all about changing routines. So last night the wig and I decided to have an old fashioned date.

We met in Shoreditch after work for a dinner date. It sounded like a good plan before I left Soho but a 35 minute bus journey from West to East travelling past hoards of people drinking in the sun meant by the time I met The Wig, I would have sold him to the lowest bidder for a cold glass of Chardonnay. Going cold turkey is not really conducive to a happy relationship and Wiggys new regime is very strict. I hope he knows deep down I'm not the angry person that not drinking turned me into momentarily this evening but all my 'rewards' have been taken away from me. No alcohol, no cigarettes, 1 coffee a day and a very long bicycle ride planned for the weekend. I know its for our own good but its horrible! I just feel like I'm missing out on fun.

So, after wandering around for quite a long time debating whether we could just have one drink (we couldn't) and then double checking that we couldn't just have one drink (we absolutely couldn't) we decided to go to Brick Lane for a Curry. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times that I've been to Brick Lane for a Curry. For some reason it makes me think of stag do's and being hassled when you walk along the road, but I think maybe that's because when I have been in the past I've been fairly late in the evening. However, if you go early in the evening when the Stag do's are still procrastinating about whether to go to Browns, Metropolis or Ye Olde Axe its actually an enjoyable place for a date. 7pm was a great time to be wandering around in the evening sun, it wasn't too busy and we even treated ourselves to a snoop around the shops, it was like being on a mini break!

Its hard to choose which is the best curry house to go to since they all seem to have winners of 'Best Curry Award 2008/9/10' so we went to one we had been to last year called Sheba and it really is very good. Since we are being good we didn't have rice or a naan which felt a bit weird and produced an arched eyebrow from our waiter, but we did allow ourselves one drink each. Which we couldn't finish! I think we may have broken the cycle!

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