Thursday, 14 April 2011


I'm not quite sure how this could have happened, but last week I was taken out for lunch and I completely forgot to mention it! I think that I was so busy feeling sorry for myself about being lonely that it slipped my mind that I had sampled the porky delights of Bodean's, "London's original BBQ Smoke House"!

I have not been to Bodean's for a very long time and have only ever sampled the wares of the Soho branch, but its pretty delicious I can tell you. I was hoping to go there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago but it was so packed we couldn't get a table inside, outside or downstairs. I even begged them to let me in whilst wearing my ridiculous but obligatory "Happy Birthday" sun spectacles. I have no shame where pork related products are concerned and I don't care who knows it.

Nevertheless, perseverance eventually paid off and my friend and I managed to get ourselves a table last Wednesday, downstairs, in the dark, on the hottest day of the year by getting there nice and prompt at 12:30pm. It was absolutely worth it and we both enjoyed a cold ginger beer and the recommended lunch of the Soho Special. I would definitely go there again but you do have to get there early as its always very busy. You can order take away but its not quite the same, although they do sell their BBQ Sauce (£3.50 a bottle) to take home which is a complete treat for the taste buds.  So, Bodeans gets a big fat thumb up and scores 9 hog lumps out of a possible 10.

I must mention also, that not only is the food great and the staff really chirpy (even the waitress that wouldn't let me in), the decor is something worth seeing too. I wouldn't really know how to describe it since I have  not been sleeping well lately and my brain is a bit dead, so you really should check it out for yourself.  I suppose its sort of a Western / Rustler theme and it really reminds me of this place called Cliff Barns (amazing name) that I considered for a wedding venue before I realised it was in Norfolk. Now, if I could just work out a way to transport it to to Hackney . . . .

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