Saturday, 9 April 2011

A pass and a pizza

My lonely week is over! The Wig has returned from his week long mission in Sussex and since it was a success I am permitted to spill the beans on what he was up to. He was partaking in a week of intensive driving lessons in order to pass his driving test. Which he did! Yipppeee!! So now we can buy a car and have days out without relying on trains. I'm looking at Koenigsegg's and The Wig is looking at Skoda's. As much as I love a nice long train journey, it will be nice to have the option/freedom of a car since my cycling career wasn't quite as successful a I had hoped. So, well done Wig, I am very proud of you.

If I'm being honest my morning started so badly yesterday that I was sure things would not go well for him. I woke up with a slight hangover after a few drinks after work at the Owl + Pussycat on Redchurch Street. I fell off the wagon slightly on Thursday night and since I'm not really drinking much at the moment I woke up with the old feeling that a small axe was wedged in between my eyes. On reflection though it was more than worth it just to glimpse sight of the lesser spotted Shoreditch Cowboy. Then when I was on my way to my weekly hospital appointment I received an email about a meeting that had been moved from next Tuesday to the afternoon. So I had to cancel the hospital visit and it also meant I couldn't meet my little brother after work. Then I got my finger stuck in the kitchen bin. I don't know if you have ever got your finger stuck in a kitchen bin, but its considerably more painful than you might think. In a nutshell, the morning had not shown me any signs of it being a good day.

But maybe that was just all of the days bad luck out of the way in the morning meaning that some good luck was in order for The Wig's 11:11am driving test. (Weird time). Then after he called me with the good news, I got taken out for lunch! So things really stepped up a notch and I forgot all about my flattened finger. I was taken to Pizza East on Bethnal Green Road which has been open for quite some time but somehow, and I don't know how this has been possible, I had never been.

The building it's in used to have a really horrible dirty old bar/club so the fact that it now sells delicious food is a vast improvement and they also have a deli. On a price scale of Supermarket Own Pizza's to Pizza Express its slightly over the Pizza Express end but I think the pizzas were far superior with a lovely puffy base so it was definitely worth the extra couple of quid. Not to me though, since it was free, but anyway, it was really nice. Its also rather a sun trap if you sit by the window so was a really lovely treat on a sunny day. A definite recommend particularly the Finocchiona, which is a type of salami, who knew! Pizza East gets 9 pine nuts out of a possible 10. Get yourself down there!

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