Tuesday, 12 April 2011

'Graham' and the garden

Well I must say that the scary Scarecrow is creating quite a buzz around town! Not only has he become a hot topic of conversation among the residents of E8, I also had a couple of enquiries to see a picture of him from as far a field as Soho!

Since he now has a small following, it seemed like a good idea that he should have a name, so let me introduce you to Graham. My upstairs neighbour thought of this name and it is perfect for this extremely grotesque monstrosity, coincidentally it is also the name of the horrid Freeholder that is currently making our lives so stressful. But that is mere coincidence...

Graham, the buzz...

Neighbour 1. "Hey there, I just clocked your scarecrow-its amazing-got really confused thinking it was someone doing tai chi with a particularly bad hangover. I genuinely love it. If he stays we should christen him Graham and smash a bottle over its head like they do with boats".

Neighbour 2. "I noticed your scarecrow over the weekend too, loitering in the back garden. Bit of a weirdo if you ask me, who watches foxes shagging with a mask on? Very odd"

Neighbour 1. "Come on mate, we've all done it..."

Me. "That wasn't the scarecrow, that was The Wig".

Neighbour 1."I was at the window, watching him, watching them, with night vision goggles". 

I'm happy to say that Graham is actually doing quite a job so far though and we have not had any signs of cat or fox 'corks'/copulations since his erection on Saturday evening. So fingers crossed in a few weeks we'll see the signs of sprouting vegetables in our little patch! In the meantime though, other things are sprouting which I'm really happy about. Spring has definitely sprung.

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