Thursday, 28 July 2011

HaPpY bIrThDaY tHe WiG!

Today is The Wigs birthday, he is 30 plus one. Happy Birthday Wig! The day began with me singing 'Happy Birthday' directly into his ear in a voice I like to call 'my old record player voice'. Lucky Wig. It's a sort of high pitched, quivery yet quiet voice, a bit like something you might hear at an exhibition about Thomas Eddison.

After the opening of the gifts (a leatherman, obligatory birthday socks, a book about restaurants, a Falconry day out and a Segway race for two), we went for a quick breakfast before work. It was such a lovely day that we walked half of the way and spotted some rather nice graffiti en route.

Hackney Road

Columbia Road Pavement

St Leonards Church

Boundry Street (this one is my favorite)

Then just as I got to work it seemed to be lunchtime, so we went to Byron on Wardour Street. Another place I have wanted to go to for ages and another high scoring lunch venue, receiving 9 fried courgettes out of a possible 10 from The March Hare. Another example of a good idea done well. Byron is a burger chain but its quite a posh one and this particular restaurant is in the Intrepid Fox building is not only is the food good, the building is too!

Old cartoons projected on the wall

Bare brick - industtrial cheap

Good selection of condiments noted. French + English mustard.

Chips and Dips.

Cheese burger with fried courgettes (not mine) and normal fries (also not mine) in the background.

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