Friday, 17 February 2012

Free balls!

Today in the post, I received quite possibly the best card I ever. I don't know why it made me laugh so much. Oh hang on, yes I do. Its because I'm going stir crazy and possibly a bit feral. Anyway, I thought I would share it with you. It was from my friend Phil (not her real name) and is by Sapling Press.

As you may or may not recall last week, work commenced on my 2nd Wooly Rectangle. I wanted to make a a more practical item than the stripey Cath Kidston Kit from the week before. Also, it turned out that the Cath Kidston balls supplied in the kit were acrylic, not wool, which I was a bit annoyed about. So I bought some lovely grey wool but knowing nothing about quantities I only bought 4 balls. Even at my slow speed, I had got through this in under 2 days and made a rectangle roughly 5 inches wide. Not enough for half a leg warmer let alone a blanket. So after realising I needed to up the ball quota I discovered that the shop I bought the wool from didn't have anymore. This was an extremely distressing moment I'm sure you can imagine. So, after a long consultation with my friend google, I ordered some more online and waited. And waited. And waited a bit more. Until yesterday I could take no more. Where were my damn wool balls!

Shaun at Hejhog (the wool website) could not have been more helpful or pleasant. He apologised for the delay and explained that he was waiting for a delivery from the supplier which would be early next week. When I explained the dilemma ie that I am currently going out of my skull with boredom and needed that wool more than I could put into words, he offered to send me what he did have and then sent me a challenge. He sent me 2 balls of free Merino wool and a pattern to make a teddy bear wearing a rabbit costume! What a nice guy! I tried to tell him I only knit rectangles and had only learnt to knit a couple of weeks ago, but he assured me it was an easy pattern. However, I'm not so sure...

The lovely woolly wool! By the time this blanket is finished it will be the most expensive blanket in history with the amount of wool I'm going to need.

The impossible challenge. This does not look easy. At all.

And the moral of this story is 'Beware a stranger offering free balls, it will only lead to confusion, and ultimately, disappointment'. Amen.

* I had hoped to be able to write about a new restaurant we were booked to go to later, but unfortunately our friend is ill and we've had to cancel. So get well soon Timmy and you can blame him for this post about wool. xx

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  1. Gimme a shout if you need wool :-) Got a cupboard-full of colours and all sizes of vintage crochet hooks too if I can tempt you over to the dark side:

    And for baby-friendly organic yarns I can highly recommend Knit With Attitude in Stokey. Teency shop full of wonderful things. x