Sunday, 19 February 2012

Yoga is fun.

Just to confirm, should there be an doubt in anyones mind, I am terrible at Yoga. I am still attending the classes on a Saturday morning because I feel like I should even though I'm not very good at it. Not only am I hindered by my general lack of fitness but also by the pelvic pain which restricts certain movements. (I'm also not enjoying the personal space issue that seems to arise every week. Each class I arrive unnaturally early so that I can get the space in the very back corner of the room farthest away from the front. And each class as soon as I have set out my mat, bolster, cushion and foam blocks, who knew one needed so much equipment just to relax, someone comes in and sits almost on top of me despite the room being empty. Why would a person do this?)

Anyway, each week, The Wig drops me off in Bethnal Green, I wobble around for a bit, do a bit of dirty phone caller heavy breathing and lay down for 20 minutes under a blanket. Yesterday, I felt like the novelty had worn off though and I really didn't want to go. I only went because The Wig bribed me with a hot chocolate afterwards. But, boy I am SO glad I made the class! It was great! Not only did I spy a man in reception wearing a navy Bandana a la Karate Kid sitting crossed legged, 3/4 length trousered and barefooted reading a book about 'Ashtanga' (not sure he could have squeezed in any more cliches even if he'd got a smouldering jostick protruding from his rectum), but also someone inadvertently had their jogging bottoms pulled down! We had to do an exercise in pairs (Mortificado! This meant I had to touch a stranger and a stranger had to touch me!), which started off with some vigorous slapping of the back of our 'partner' but ended in a swift rub down of their buttocks and legs. My 'partner' and I were in full swing of slapping when I heard a shriek, turned round and saw one of the ladies frantically trying to cover her dignity by pulling her bottoms up, which is not an easy task if you can't bend over. Her 'partner' had been so thorough with the buttock rub down she had managed to pull her trousers compeletely down! I know its not very sisterly to say but thank god it wasn't my arse on show.

Finally, and this really was the piece de resistance, someone let rip in our class after our 20  minute lie down. Having the mental age of a teenage boy, I am amazed that I managed to stifle the snorting laughter which was desperate to explode out of me but lets just say this 2 second expulsion made the trip totally worth while. I can't wait to go next week.

After Yoga we had a surprise birthday to attend at the The Lord Clyde on Essex Road, Islington. I've been going past this pub for a long time on my way into N1, but never actually been in as its a bit out of the way of the main throng of shops and not near a Station. However, it was really rather good!

The Lord Clyde Website

The interior is quite stark and unfussy but I really liked the simplicity of it. You'll have to excuse the terrible pictures, I was a bit scared of the man behind the bar to be honest and didn't want to get told off. Actually the man behind the bar was the only thing that slightly let the place down actually. He was rather curt and not very accommodating when it was asked if he could keep the kitchen open slightly longer for our group to all arrive (after it had been agreed beforehand that it wouldn't be a problem). However, it wasn't really a problem. Anyway, it's a really good place to meet a group of people as there is lots of room and also a spacious area with smaller tables for food. Since it appears that the bump/Leonard Henry has now taken even more of body over and shrunk my stomach a bit, I can't seem to eat much at the moment so I only had a starter but apparently the burgers, fish and chips were very nice indeed. 

Flatbread, houmous, Olives and stuffed Peppers. 

Not content with giving me veins in places I don't want veins, stealing my belly button, creating acid reflux and giving me a ridiculous waddle, the bump is now hindering me from doing one of my favorite things in the world. Eating. It's apparently taking up some of my stomach space which means, relative to what I can normally put away, I can hardly eat anything! Thanks a lot Lenny!

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