Saturday, 4 February 2012

A naughty day.

Apart from eating quite a lot of Brownie's after yesterday's baking session, a couple of other naughty incidents have taken place today.

Firstly, I didn't make it to the Pregnancy Yoga Class this morning. I'm feeling pretty bad about this actually but it's been so freezing here the thought of going out in my leggings and plimsols made me want to cry. Also, I'm not too sure that its doing the pelvis much good. Most of what I have read about PGP is that its best to keep your legs together and most of the exercises I've done there have involved stretching really wide. The mIdwife said it would be ok, but since I'm not supposed to be doing things that hurt I really dont know. I'm going to go to a Physiotherapy Session ay the hospital on Monday so I can double check what the best course of action is.

And secondly, despite us having no room at the flat for any more furniture, pictures, books, globes collections, bottle collections, doll head collections, anything, and an agreement to not by anymore 'old stuff' until we move, we bought some more old stuff today. After we had visited my friends in Newington Green and handed over the Brownies we popped into a shop in Stoke Newington we had passed last week when we did a crib recce. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the road it is on but I think it was called 'Rebel Dog'. It had a lot of old stuff in it and was very reasonably priced. So despite not needing any of things and having no room, we found ourselves the new owners of the following items:

A large old Garage Sign from Dolphin Square, £40.
Dolphin Square is a famous Square in Pimlico built in the 1930's where lots of MP's, Judges and Politicians have lived. And now the sign from the private underground Garage is in our kitchen. Nice.

Childs Desk and Chair, £60.
Where the Bump/Leonard Henry will sit and learn Latin...

Wooden Clothes drier, £12.
We are going to hang this somewhere and peg either old photographs or old postcards onto it.
Or we shall tidy it away in a drawer and forget about it, I'm not quite sure of its destiny yet.
Only time will tell...

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