Thursday, 2 February 2012

An ugly journey / Glossybox January 2012

Whilst growing up as a chubby boy haired child in a village in Essex, a farmers field backed directly onto our rear garden. Every so often we would find a cow had made a bid for freedom over the barbed wire fence only to find itself stuck in a neighbours garden. Sweet memories. Unfortunately the only barbed wire that the bump aka Leonard Henry will experience is strewn around the top of various municipal buildings in Hackney to keep burglars out. Unless we move.

Judging by this photo, not only was my Dad a demon with a pair of scissors, it turns out I have always suffered from an irritating pelvic region.

This morning I had to take a trip to the local Postal Sorting Office to collect a parcel and it confirmed what I had previously suspected. I really really don't want to bring a child up in a City. I know that lots of people do it for one reason or another, mainly because of work I should think, and lots of people don't mind it or don't know any different. But I do know different and I don't think it would be fair to little Leonard Henry when both The Wig and I grew up surrounded by countryside. I am hopeful that within the next 2 months, after almost 2 years of hassle, the Freehold purchase on my flat will be finalised, then we can think about moving. I know Lenny Henry wont really be aware of too much when it first arrives, but it's very important to me that it doesn't grow up in London. It just seems a bit of a mean thing to do to someone. My Dad banned us from watching Eastenders as kids ("I've spent my whole life trying to escape from places like that, I don't want to have to look at it on the telly!"). He grew up in East London and it nearly killed him trying to keep us together in the village. He had a heart attack when I was a teenager which I'm sure was a result of the stress and strains of looking after 3 kids and trying to keep working to pay the mortgage. I always knew how hard it was for him and appreciated what he went through for us, and now I'll be having my own child I completely understand how he felt. Its nice for children to climb trees and find cows in the garden occasionally.

I can usually find the attractive parts of E8, but sadly this morning, I couldn't and everywhere just looked a bit grim.

Hackney Downs

Cambridge Heath

Gateway to a bin.

Derelict Building

Sorting Office. At least the sky is blue I suppose.

Anyway, its not all bad as the item I collected from the Sorting Office was well worth the ugly journey. My January Glossybox had arrived! YAY! This months box was in limited edition pink (for Valentines Day) and was full of juicy booty.

The package contained:

1 x Eyeko Eyeliner. It comes in a variety of black and brown shades and a pale pink. Unfortunately I got the pale pink one so not completely over the moon about this but am willing to give it a go.
RRP £9.50

1 x  Sample Size Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream. I need a lot of firming so this is ideal.
Full size pot RRP £48.00

1 x Sample Size Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream. As above. Full size pot RRP £46.50

1 x FAB Body Moisturiser. Paraben free so perfect for preggies although sadly doesn't smell very nice Full size RRP £10.00

1 x Murad Skin Perfecting Primer. Bit runny but easily absorbed. Full size RRP £29.00

1 x Free Boiled Sweet!

So all in all I would say this is a triumph, definitely things I will use although I'm not sure about the pink eyeliner.

Perhaps the biggest triumph of the day however, was that I finally got inside the Hospital this afternoon to see someone about the painful Pelvis. Hallelujah. You must be bored of hearing about this, God knows I'm bored of writing about it and even though I didn't get offered a cure it was worth going I suppose.

You can imagine my delight while I was waiting to go into the class, that I was confronted by this terrifying sight...


So, there were 6 of us in the class, 2 of whom did not speak a word of English so I'm really not sure how useful they would have found things, but maybe they just liked hanging out at the hospital. We had to sit in a circle and say our name, our due date and explain our symptoms. Sort of like a fat Persons Anonymous Group. The class lasted a 90 minutes and basically confirmed what I thought I knew already. I'm pretty much stuck with this pain and its just bad luck that I have it. The advice given was as follows for anyone suffering the same condition:

* If something hurts, stop doing it. (Ok).
* Sleep with a pillow between your legs (Doing it).
* Try not to sit / stand in the same position for too long (Yep, doing it).
* Don't do any hoovering, get someone else to do it (BRILLIANT. This one is my favourite).
* Do Pelvic Floor Exercises (Do I have too? I find it really strange/creepy).

And that's about it. Wish me luck, and hopefully I wont be requiring any of those 'Returned Crutches' although the brolly is quite nice.

And to end a rather productive day, I had a visitor. A real human came to see me. With a Cake! Oh happy day! Our new neighbour popped round bearing an Almond Macaroon! What a treat. I'd sort of imagined that I was the only person not at work at the moment but there is another. Not only was the macaroon delicious, she was a most charming house guest. She removed her shoes as soon as she arrived and put on a pair of thick woolly socks. Such polite manners. Adelaide, you are welcome to come round whenever you like, we need more guests like you. I love spending time with Leonard Henry but to be honest, he/she isn't much of a conversationalist and has never given me an Almond Macaroon.

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