My two year old son just send the last email I was half in the middle of writing. Ignore and read this instead please.

Hi ,

Firstly, thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt and calling it a 'short haircut' - bald as a coot is how I am normally described.

It was me that served you on Sunday and I am really upset that you took the whole episode so seriously. I was only trying to make a joke of the issue and be informal with you.
Well I really Basil Fawlty'd that one!

It really isn't in my nature to try and belittle anyone or cause any upset to customers - I just want everyone to come to the empress and have a relaxed time with good food and wine. 
This so clearly back fired on Sunday as three days later you are still so upset you feel the need to fire the email attached.

Come in again - bring your friends, if they are willing to make the journey over from West London - have lunch on me - go Greek and smash all our old crockery - just please give us another go. 

I am genuinely sorry and embarrassed about the whole thing - lets be friends!

PS. The ******** used to be part of a large pub group called ETM. I guess this is the head office you have had dealings with in the past.
It is now independently owned.

So, how should I respond? I don't think he's that sorry really and I still don't think he gets the hygiene thing. Saying I took the episode 'so serioulsy' really pissed me off actually, as of course I'm  going to take it seriously. I don't want get damn listeria off his crappy teapots! Oh and PS: I don't believe the thing about the 2 year old pressing send on the first email.

Anyway, I'm interested in anyone else's opinion on this and will act on the feedback. Sometimes its hard to get a clear view on things when you only have a ball of wool and a disappearing belly button for company.