Sunday, 24 July 2011

A City in Bloom

Yesterday I went back to my new favorite place with Auntie Margaret. The Wedding Dress shop. For the second Saturday in a row. I made a 'joke' to Rachel, the (lovely) lady that works there, that I was going to come back every Saturday until the actual wedding to try the dress on. 'Ha ha' I said. But I laughed a bit too loud and maniacally when I said it. We all knew I wasn't really joking.

After the fitting and a few small tears from me and Auntie M, Rachel said if I wanted to order it I could fill out the paper work there and then, decide at a later date if I wanted to place the order then phone up with my credit card details. "Or maybe, I could come back in and pay the deposit in person? Next Saturday? It really is no trouble?..I don't mind . . .?". "We are actually pretty booked up next week', replied Rachel, "I can take it over the phone". And I can take a hint. No sense being slapped with a restraining order over a wedding dress. Although, it is a beaut.

So, after a an hour of swirling around the shop humming "Here comes the bride", we left the shop. As we were leaving I said to Rachel " Can I give you a hug? You're so lovely!" Its official. The Wedding Beast knows no boundaries as far as shame is concerned.

Then we met up with The Wig and had a little stroll up to the Southbank. I know that everyone has been moaning about the crummy weather lately but it really has had a wonderful effect on all the plant life around town. I spied some glorious blooms in the most unexpected places yesterday and it made me glad of the rain. Its worth having soggy toes for these bad boys!

London Fields

Hackney Downs

Southwark Street

Hoptons Almshouses

And we also saw this poor chap who was on his Stag Do and had drawn quite a crowd along the river. Poor bloke.

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