Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A quartet of exciting things.

The first exciting thing, and in no particular order (LIE!), I have just paid the deposit on my dress!! Yip to the mother frikkin eeeee!! That Wig better not change his mind that's all I can say. I realise it may be somewhat premature since we don't have a date or a venue yet but these are just minor details as far as I'm concerned. I won't have to have my first fitting until the New Year so that's plenty of time to get my mouth wired up for an (alcohol free) liquid only diet. I'm aiming to lose 2 stone before the big day. Good luck with that!

The second exciting thing is The Wig (and his work partners, collectively known as Blac Ionica) finished the pop promo that they have been working on for Black Black Hills (previously Pope Joan) . It was self funded, written, produced and directed by Blac Ionica and I think its really rather good. Don't have nightmares!

Thirdly, The Wig treated us to a theatre trip last night and we went to see War Horse at the National Theatre on Drury Lane. I have been wanting to see this play for a long time as it's had such great reviews, but the waiting time for tickets is very long. I think we had to wait 3 months before we could go and see it but it was absolutely worth it. I wont say too much about it since I don't want to spoil the plot but the set design and puppetry is amazing. The fact that the audience knows the horses are puppets and you can clearly see them being worked by the puppeteers, yet completely draws you in to the story emotionally is no mean feat. You can't beat a simple story well told and this is a great example. Being an emotional person / wreck (particularly at the moment due to wedding fever) I had been warned by my boss to take tissues as I would probably cry A LOT. But guess what, I only cried once at the end when it finished. This is progress.

Whenever I go to the theatre, which isn't very often, I always wish that I went more. I love a good stage production and it sometimes makes me want to join an Am Dram class so I can get clapped at and curtesy. The War Horse also reminded me of a story about when my older brother was in the school Nativity. He had been 'cast' as the back end of the Donkey and my dad was livid. He went up to the school and said "No son of mine is being the back end of a donkey!". My brother got bumped up to a sheep. Ahh, sweet memories.

Finally, it is exactly 1 year today until the London Olympics start! This is really very exciting indeed for many reasons. It will be great for the UK, great for London, great for EAST London where I live and great that The Wig and I have tickets to see a couple of the events. Its also great that the year an acquaintance of mine spent relocating the newts from the Olympic site wasn't wasted time. 

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