Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Handbags and Manbags

Despite being at work yesterday I still managed to squeeze in the following eateries/drinkeries in less than 24 hours. Mondays must be the be the new Thursday's.

Firstly, lunch at Wahaca on Wardour Street. Its a Mexican Market Food restaurant set up by Masterchef winner, Thomasina Myers. When I travelled round Mexico in 2003 with the Baboon I got the runs and stopped eating the food in Mexico. It was good for weight loss but bad for romantic liaisons. I'm glad to say the food at Wahaca had no such repercussions. It was quite delicious and I will score it 8 tequila worms out of a possible 10.

There is also a great looking bar downstairs with table football . . .

 . . . and groovy chairs.

Chicken Burrito with complimentary crisps.

Also, complimentary chilli seeds to grown your own chilli plants. Great idea even though I am allergic to chilli.

Next stop, Yuforia on Beak Street for lunch pudding. A delicious frozen yoghurt place, where you get 3 scoops of yoghurt (chocolate, blueberry, plain) and unlimited, yes, UNLIMITED, toppings. I was quite restrained and just went for nuts and chocolate sprinkles. £2.80, absolute bargain. 

Finally, Dean Street Townhouse for a 'Sav Blonk' as our Australian cousins call it. Lovely Bar / restaurant on Dean Street with super nice staff, but beware the beggars and watch your handbags and manbags. I ate in here at chrimbo and it was delicious but last night I just had wine and a chinwag with a friend. Another March Hare recommendation for a swifty.

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