Sunday, 17 July 2011

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The March Hare and The Wig do not let let a small matter of extremely bad weather get in the way of sniffing around for food.

Today we went for brunch at The Zetter in Clerkenwell. We were actually hoping to go somewhere else in Clerkenwell but they were fully booked. This did not please The Wig one bit and he became extremely agitated at the situation. He does not often get agitated but lack of coffee can sometimes do this to him. Be aware.

The fortuitous thing about ending up at The Zetter was that we could also do an impromptu wedding venue recce and stuff our chops all at the same time.

I came to a wedding here about 6 years ago for some friends who I regrettably lost in the Great Break Up of 2006 (ie when I split up with my ex-boyfriend, they were his friends really) and I remember it being a really super day as far as weddings go.  I have been to 30 weddings so I have lots to compare. It's very central and pretty relaxed, which are two of our top priorities I think, however coming back again today made me think its not really right for us. There's no reason that I can put my finger on but I think we can get something a bit more us. Oh god. Its happening. I'm using phrases like 'a bit more us'. . . The transformation from normal human being to Wedding bore is well under way. . .

Back to more important matters, the staff were almost as friendly as the population of Turkey and the food and coffee was very good. The Wig and I had Egg's Benedict and Eggs Royale which initially we were slightly disappointed with as the portions were quite small (ha!), but actually they were delicious and the perfect size. They also do lunches, roasts and dinners and have a lovely bar area so I would definitely recommend a visit here for something like a group birthday or just somewhere for a change from Soho or Shoreditch.

As an added bonus for venturing out into the rain, we stumbled across The Procession of Our Lady Carmel. I've never heard of this before, which is unsurprising since I am neither Italian or Catholic, but it's a yearly procession which takes place at St Peters Italian Church on Clerkenwell Road.

We chatted to a Policeman who said that 10,000 people were expected to visit today and pointed us in the direction of a street market that had Italian beers, food, ice cream and icons for sale. It was a real treat but a shame that the weather was so crummy which just goes to show, even when the weather is crap you can still find things to do. God Bless London.

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