Friday, 15 July 2011

The (Wedding) wheels are in motion.

Things are happening. Plans are being (sort of) made. There will be a wedding at some point next year if its the last thing I do.

To get the creative betrothal juices going, one of my adult Bridesmaids (Phil) and I went to see the film Bridesmaids last night at the Odeon on Tottenham Court Road. I wasn't sure if it was the type of thing I would like since I thought it might be some sort of cheesy 'Chick Flick', however Phil had seen it last week and loved it so much she said she could happily watch it every night for a month. Thats recommendation enough for me! So, we went, I snorted rather a lot of popcorn and we had a right old hoot. I heartily recommend seeing it and give it 9 labrador puppies out of a possible 10.

Operation Wedding Timetable
Tomorrow 4pm: Twitty + Phil (2 x Adult Bridesmaids) have our first appointment for dresses!!! Yikes. I think I may have to try some items on which will be terrifying and will mean probably I'd better exfoliate all possible areas beforehand. Most of the time, being a girl is pretty annoying.

Approx 6pm: Possible venue recce, with a shandy or two to congratulate ourselves on being brave and going to a wedding dress shop.

Monday 6:45pm: The Wig and I to recce another possible venue. We may also have a shandy or two to congratulate ourselves for being so pro-active in 10 months.

In the next month: Part of home made Cake Topper to arrive from Australia.

Only another 676700 things to sort out but its definitely a good start.

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