Wednesday, 6 July 2011


It was a long time coming, but last night finally arrived and I went to see Take That at Wembley. Swoon. Being quite a major fan, it's my third time of seeing them in concert and as expected they didn't let me down. There didn't really seem to be a very coherent theme running through the show, it had whiffs of Alice in Wonderland, Spider Man, Lord of The Rings and Robots but who cares! It's Take That!! It was pretty amazing although I have been left completely confused about my feelings for Robbie Williams. He's pretty much crackers and I had said that when he came on to sing 5 (??!!) of his own songs I was going to turn and face the back of the stadium as a protest, however when he appeared my glasses steamed up and his first 2 songs were brilliant. Very confusing.

Highlights were:
Mark riding a huge purple caterpillar.
Jason in general. My new favorite, sorry Mark.
'Love Love'. Awesome.
Spider Man type wall display.
Singing the National Anthem. An extra bonus.
'Never Forget'.
Robbie Williams.

Lowlights were:
Way too much Oestrogen in one postcode for my liking.
The woman behind me with the ear splitting voice shouting 'ROOOOOBBBIIEEE' for 2 hours.
The zoom on my camera. Rubbish.
Robbie Williams.

Anyway, an amazing night, even The Pet Shop Boys were brilliant, the only major disappointment of the show being that during the encore the massive robot didn't shit Lulu out of its arse for her solo during Relight My Fire. I think they missed something there.

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