Wednesday, 20 July 2011


P.T.W (Pre The Wig) I lived in Clapton. I bought a house there with the Baboon and it was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. It was a mistake for several reasons, but not a regret since there's no point walking around regretting things you've done or decisions you've made, you'll just do your own head in. As long as you learn from those experiences then it wasn't a waste of time was it?  Anyway, we bought a house there as we had fallen in love with the garden and the higgeldy piggeldy interior but neglected to properly check out the area or investigate how we would get to work. (Very rookie) But if that wasn't a big enough cock up, we failed to notice the vile neighbours that we unfortunately inherited. They were total scum who made our lives a misery and even attacked us in our hallway one sunny Sunday. It took the Police 3 hours to come round and then they lost our statements at the station. All in all a horrible experience I never want to re-live. The March Hare does not like to swear but will make an exception for the scum bag neighbours in this instance. They were utter 'see you next Tuesday's'.

So my memories of Clapton are pretty bad and as much as people are saying "its up and coming" nothing would make me live in E5 again. However, that's not to say I wouldn't pop there for lunch if I was really really hungry which is what I did yesterday. When I lived there in 2004-2006 there was nothing good going for it, apart from the cheaper house prices, and not even any where decent to go for a coffee. Another neighbour, a non-punching one, used to drive to Stoke Newington everyday for a Cappuccino. I did have a dream at one point of trying to open a little cafe / coffee shop there but after I realised I didn't like living there I buried that dream alongside the dream of me becoming the 6th member of Girls Aloud.

But now there are about 4 little cafes along the Chatsworth Road, so The Wig and I took a little trip there and were pleasantly surprised when we ended up in a place called 'Creparie du Monde'.

I've seen a couple of internet reviews about this place saying that the service isn't very good, but I thought it was excellent. The French lady who served us (I think she may be the owner) couldn't have been nicer and the food was excellent. It has a limited menu of sweet or savoury crepes, omelettes with a filling of your choice and waffles for dessert. But I think much better to have a small menu with great food then a long menu with a load of old crud. The crepes are around £5 each and are obviously made to order, which you can watch so its a really nice lunch option for the area.

The Wig had some sort of Spanish Crepe and I had a mushroom omelette which came with a little salad which was very fresh. I would score 'Creparie du Monde' a high 7 berets out of a possible 10 and Clapton minus 7.

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  1. I love your BLOG!!
    living there sounded hell....what an unhappy completely overshadowed by the giddiness of LURVE!