Monday, 11 July 2011

Primrose Hill, NW1 to Greenwood Road, E8

Primrose Hill, what a treat! I've never been before but now I know its only a 20 minute drive from home AND there's free parking at the bottom of the park, it might be my new favorite place. We went on Saturday morning for my friends birthday brunch, then ended up in a pub (or two). I blame the weather. Anyway, in a nutshell, Primrose Hill is super nice, so get yourself down there.

 The view from the top of the hill. You can see the BT Tower, the London Eye and London Zoo!

Lovely blue sky. What a great idea this birthday brunch was. Croissant anyone?

Did you just spit on me? No. It's raining. 
Who's stupid idea was this birthday brunch...

 Retreat! Retreat!

Fancy homewares shop. I will definitely be coming back for a sniff around of this place.

Lovely Flower shop with small girl, most likely called Jocasta or Tabitha.

Very nice Japanese coffee shop.

Fancy street cakes. 

Fancy Bakery cakes.

The Engineer. Lovely pub, about to be closed down so show your support!
Popular with 'celebs'. Apparently Lisa Snowdon is a regular and I went to the toilet after Rachel Steven's from S Club 7 who left behind a very warm toilet seat. Say no more.

My friend with a road sign. I think some alcohol may have been consumed by this point, but more excitingly, the sun is out again! And the sky now matches my friends britches.

'One' for the road, back in E8. These people are not my friends but I wish they were.

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