Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Hemingway, Victoria Park Road

Extra extra! Read all about it! Honest person found in London! I dropped my purse in the street this morning and a very kind lady followed me to the Dry Cleaners to return it to me. What an idiot I am and what a wonderful person she is. Thanks a million mysterious kind lady.  God Bless you forever and ever Amen. I think this is a sign that its going to be a good day, even if it is chucking it down.

I've got less than 3 hours to psyche myself up for the wedding dress shop, which is being made slightly harder due to the small matter of a hangover. Last night I was at a 30th birthday celebration. I know, its amazing that I know people young enough to have 30th birthday's. My. Poor. Liver.  Anyway, the 'do' was at a great pub near Victoria Park which I've never been to before. I know, its amazing that there is a pub within stumbling distance of my flat and I have never been, but it was great. I don't know too much about this place as their website is under construction  but I would recommend for drinks and also for food which looked really good too.

The only problem with the Victoria Park area is that its a bit of a bugger to get to by public transport and subsequently I paid £30 for a cab to get me there. Total rip off driver driving all round the houses as he didn't think I knew where I was.  Pratt. But after a glass of the the white stuff I calmed down and had a really nice evening. The pub itself is decorated in the standard way that a lot of pubs seem to be decorated these days ie chesterfield sofas, antlers on the walls, mismatched everything but its been done very well.  It also has the most amazing toilets I've ever seen in a pub. The Ladies had some sort of wicker armchair in it, i guess incase your Grandmother might be accompanying you to the latrine, and there was classical musical blasting out which was a bit odd, but the mens lav was something else! The urinal alone justifies a March Hare rating of 9 urinal blocks out of a possible 10.

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