Monday, 31 January 2011

"Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue" Anon

Bless me Blog for I have sinned, it's been probably too long since my last confession. Today, I donned the Primark velour romper suit (usually reserved only for extreme instances of hangovers), lounged around on the red sofa, watched a 'Classic Jerry Springer' episode ("I slept with my fiances mother"), 3 consecutive episodes of 'Judge Judy' and did nothing from the To Do list whatsoever. I felt more ill today than I did yesterday and fear I may be on the slippery slope down to something bad. If the aeroplane germ doesn't kill me though the shame of how I have spent the day will. I am regressing into a revolting teenager that can only communicate using inaudible grunts. I didn't consume any Pot Noodles or Tizer however, but this is only as I was too ill/lazy to go to the shop and buy them. To make matters worse and induce me to feel even more sorry for myself, I discovered today that the application made to try and purchase the freehold for my flat was completed incorrectly by the Solicitor which makes the application void.

I would never in a million gillion years buy a leasehold property again. Its the kind of old law that makes no sense and is a complete nightmare to sort out. I can pay the mortgage on my flat off but while its still leasehold, I will never own the land its built on. I'll only own the bricks its built with. There are 74 years left on the lease which apparently isn't very much, so me and the other chaps in the house are trying to buy the freehold from the freeholder. Until this is resolved, I cant move which is what I am desperate to do. When I bought my flat 4 years ago, I didn't bank on The Wig moving in or my addiction to buying old things. I need more space! Anyway, the bad news today that the application was wrong will add more time onto getting it sorted and its doing my damn head in, it feel's like I'm not in control of my own life and the uncertainty of it all is a really horrible feeling. When its all resolved though, the current freeholder will be getting something nasty in the post from me and the other chaps, that much is absolutely certain. Something that rhymes with 'log word'... We know where he lives, works and what he looks like. Don't blame me, blame google for telling me.

So, the day has gone by with nothing constructive taking place, although I did find a use for the cutlery tray that I bought at Lewes the other day (and also finally a use for a small collection of Royal mugs I found hanging around in my kitchen cupboard). Only problem is, there's nowhere to put it!

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