Sunday, 30 January 2011

Moose Salami

I had plans for today. Not especially epic ones but plans none the less. The Wig and I were going to take a stroll to the Barbican, via Columbia Road to share a salad (our new diet / money saving plan) and then watch the 'Black Swan' using the Barbican membership card (£6.50 each, not bad). We were even going to take homemade popcorn along as I'm sure popcorn is good for diets and making it at home certainly saved a few GBP's, however, two things transpired against me. Firstly, I have been unable to take a shower for 2 days. I feel revolting and couldn't risk bumping into anyone I know by leaving the flat. The Wig has been re-sealing the bath for the whole weekend which has made it impossible to get a proper wash. I would have a strip wash as my dad used to call them, but quite frankly I am not 6 years old and don't own a flannel. Secondly, I woke up this morning with a hacking cough, headache and cold. Welcome back to the UK! One of the problems with going anywhere by plane apart from the ghastly latrines and unidentifiable 'food', is that you are very likely to catch a germ. And despite Sweden being the land of the beautiful, they have the same germs as the rest of the ugly population.

So, unfortunately the day has been a write off and I really hate a wasted day. There is always something to do or go and see (or eat), particularly in London, but all I have managed to accomplish today is to watch the final episodes of Boardwalk Empire (really, its brilliant), and avoid eating the only food I could find in the cupboards. Luckily, we had brought back some snacks from Sweden otherwise I would have been forced to chow down on the emergency tin of sardines, and if you have to open those up you know you are in a bad situation. They are only there in case of hurricanes / floods / outbreaks of war.  I'm not sure how long one can survive on Moose Salami and Plopp's with popcorn for pudding without getting a hint of scurvy, but hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomorrow and the sealant will be dry. 

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