Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I stroked a dog and I liked it.

After yesterday's trauma,  I was exhausted last night.  Consequently I  slept like a log for the first time in weeks. The combination of crying, being in a mouth brace, 2 lots of local anesthetic and a 2 mile walk in an inappropriate shoe was the best sleep aid ever. It was brilliant. I'd forgotten what it was like to sleep all the way through the night, and have decided today that sleep is very underrated. The only problem with such a deep sleep is that it takes me a lot longer to wake up, and I had a lunch date today so really needed to get up and out sharpish. If there was any doubt whatsoever, "Judge Judy" was definitely off limits this morning, I needed no distractions as I was headed up West!

Having lived in East London for the last 14 years, I've got pretty used to its grimy ways. I don't feel threatened or scared here as I know the area but take me out of Hackney and I get the fear. Even if its somewhere posh. I think I'd much rather be on the smarter end of the scale in a rough place than the rougher end of the scale in a smart place if that makes sense. But I had to face my fears today as I was meeting a friend for lunch in Marylebone High Street. Lardy Dar. It may not seem a posh place to other people but anywhere that has an Emma Bridgewater is posh in my eyes. And also confirms to me that most people with a lot of money don't have much taste.

Anyway, we ended up in a place called La Fromagerie which sounds lovely in French, but I'm not sure would have sounded quite as fancy had it been in English

It was a really lovely place though and I would definitely recommend if you are sniffing around pretending to be posh in Marylebone. We had lunch but you can go and just have cheese and wine and sit around discussing French poetry. Or something. They also have a great shop which sells cheese and also the best condiment selection I have seen since I looked in my fridge on Boxing Day. The Wig will be extremely jealous he wasn't invited.

Not only did I have a lovely lunch, but I also received a late Christmas present from my friend. It is a beautiful old broach made of a sort of shell I think and coral. It may not be to everyone's taste but I absolutely love it. I'm not sure she felt quite the same about my gift to her of a chubby Eskimo shaped candle which looks a bit like me. But again, it's the thought that counts.

So, after the delicious lunch, good company and super gift I really wasn't expecting that the day could get better. But then something amazing happened. It did actually get better! We saw a dog in a shop who went literally nuts when we walked in.  He jumped up at me (in a good way, not in a Cujo way), he licked my  hand (which I'm usually not keen on at all) and he let me stroke him for ages. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you know me you will know I am absolutely crazy about small boggle eyed dogs and this was exactly one of those. I really think this dog was a sign that 2011 is going to be ok. Without this dog knowing, he made today the best day of the year so far and has reminded me that I really do need to get a small boggle eyed dog asap. So, tomorrow, when I go back to the Dentist for Round 2 of the Root Canal, instead of feeling scared I will think of this dog and feel calm, positive and serene. (Ha! Right!).

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