Friday, 7 January 2011

Crap Cracker Cards

Since I am currently trying to have a more creative/cheap existence I am beginning to look at 'rubbish' differently. Does it really deserve the bin or could it be reused as something else? Whilst packing away the last few decorations from chrimbo, I found the gifts from the small Crap Crackers we had on the tree. Normally, these would get slung straight in the bin, but today I thought I could use them to make some more cards.

To make Crap Cracker cards:
Blank card (packs of 8 with envelopes cost £3.75 from Paperchase)
Crap Cracker gifts
Needle + Nylon thread
Letter stamps optional
Clear Sellotape

Stamp or write your greeting on the card first.
Position the gift where you want it to go and punch holes around it with the needle.
Once the holes are punched, thread the needle and 'sew' the gift to the card.
Once secured on, open the card, cut the thread and tape the thread down to stop it unravelling.


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