Sunday, 16 January 2011

Crab Claw Risotto

Oh dear. The Wig has a bad head. Induced by too much vino collapso at a birthday party last night. We had a lovely long list of chores for today but since he has spent most of the day rolling around on the sofa, under a blanket,  groaning, we haven't done anything remotely useful. Apart from trying to tame the squirrel in the back garden.

We had a good night though and were totally out of our comfort zone in a pub in Hampstead. There is a very good train, when it works, from Hackney Central straight to Hampstead so there was no excuse not to to go (even though I usually have a rule to never go out on a Saturday night). The pub was really nice actually, about a 10 minute walk from the station and it had friendly staff, nice clean toilets, a huge garden and a large private room upstairs with its own bar. I rated The Stag 9 Bloody Mary's out of a possible 10.

As a treat for surviving the day today,  I made us a delicious dinner of Crab Claw Risotto this evening. There is a tiny fish stall in Hackney and we often pop down on the weekend to buy seafood. The Wig likes the brown shrimps and Razor Clams (horrid) and I love the crabs. We usually buy a whole crab and smash it up ourselves but this time we bought a load of claws. Much less hassle.

To make the Risotto:
I finely chopped up a small onion and a garlic clove and sweated them in some butter in a pan.
When they were soft and translucent, I added the arborio rice (50g per person) and stirred it for about 4 mins.
Next I slung in a small glass of white wine, stirred for a few mins then added veg stock gradually till the rice was cooked.
Right at the end I stirred in the crab claw meat and a handful of frozen peas and cooked for a further 4 mins.
Finally, I chucked in some parmesan. I don't think its correct etiquette to have cheese on seafood but it's my dinner so I'll do what I like!


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