Saturday, 22 January 2011

Betty Willow the Banana Baby

The Wig and I took a little train journey out to the motherland today, past the blossoming olympic site with its vast Stadium and Aquatic Centre ("I think thats probably where they'll do all the swimming") to Colchester. During the journey I was reminded that I need to get an eye test in the very near future. I took a picture from the train of what I thought was a small herd of Guernsy's but on closer inspection of the photo, they appear to be rusty farm instruments. Something else to add to the list of boring things to do, new glasses.

However, when we got to our destination, what a treat lay in store for us! Little Betty Willow the Banana Baby! It was the first time we had met her since her premature arrival on Christmas Eve and it was super exciting. She wasn't due until February so she is still really small, over 5Ib though now I think, and she still seems to have the instinct to curl up small (hence Banana Baby). She is the shape of a banana and has a foot the size of a teaspoon. And even though she only slept and ate for the duration of our visit I think our first meeting went well. She didn't cry or blow off on me when I held her, which, in my book, is pretty good as first meeting's go. 

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