Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hooray, Hooray, It's a holi holi day!

Yesterday, my pencil case and I came out of retirement. For one week only, well a couple of days this week actually, I am working. When you get a call at 11:20pm on a Friday night to see if you are free for a shoot the following week, you know it's a desperate situation. Maybe that could be my unique selling point for when I go back to work properly. "In the schei├če? Give me a shout!"  I could market myself as another Emergency Service. I am always on standby, I have top of the range equipment (a lovely pencil case from the Lollipop Shoppe) and I don't cost much to maintain. 


So, yesterday I went on a recce in Sutton. I've never been there before and I'm not sure I would rush to go back. The station was huge which on arrival led me to mistakenly believe there must be exciting things to see there, but I was wrong and a few dog poo sightings later I was headed back to Soho. 

Since I had to purchase some props for the shoot I had my first outing 'up West' of 2011. Despite it being a Monday afternoon, Oxford Street was packed and was confirmation that I am much better off staying local. It always amazes me where all the people come from. Don't they have to go to work? I'm glad I came into town though as if I hadn't I would have missed the pretty Valentine window displays in John Lewis and Godiva. And who knew Valentines Day had moved to January! No one told me.

After I'd done my couple of work chores, I met for friend for a drink or 2 bottles, and she bought me the most beautiful candle I've ever seen. It was a thank you present for having her to stay at Christmas which was really no trouble at all, although her washing up skills do leave rather a lot to be desired. Its a tiny smelly candle in the shape of an apple in a sort of enamel material. Very fancy indeed and as smelly candles are pretty much one of my all time favorite inventions, I was over the moon again.


The Wig and I finally got round to booking our holiday too which we are both super excited about. We are going to Stockholm! We found a lovely (I hope) little hotel and are going to stay for 5 days.


We had hoped to have a little break in december but what with this and that it was not possible, so this break feels like a long time coming. I have heard that it's quite an expensive place to go so we will probably just walk around a lot, but I don't mind, it will just be nice to be on holidays! Woop woop!

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