Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Root of all Evil: The Final Chapter

Since I've spent more time with the Dentist in the past week than I have with anyone else (almost 7 blood curdling hours), I feel like we are pretty close. I wouldn't go so far as to say we were friends but we are have definitely bonded. So, I didn't think she would mind today if I took a photo of my view for posterity. In fact she didn't mind at all and positively loved the idea, even offering to take my photo whilst I was under local anaesthetic. I declined. No one needs to see that horror.

The light mood didn't last long unfortunately, and today was worse than my previous visit but probably not as bad as any future visits. On reflection, I think the first appointment wasn't so bad since I had no idea what to expect, and I was paralysed by fear. But after 3 sessions, I have a pretty good idea of what might be happening inside my face. And so does my mouth. Unfortunately today it was not in the mood to be messed about with, and for some reason my mouth had a mind of its own and pretty much had to be prized open. Trying to get the mouth brace in was an absolute torment let me tell you. On top of that , I continually had the urge to swallow (insert joke) which is very difficult when you are flat on your back, with your tongue stuck half way down your oesophagus. Poor old me. Not my best Tuesday that's for sure. But I think the icing on the cake came towards the end of the session when the Dentist said to me "I'm having to use a hot instrument now so if you smell burning, don't worry it's not you".... What a relief. Thanks for the heads up.

Turning a negative into a positive though, I did learn something today.  Whatever happens and no matter what urges you may have, ALWAYS keep your eyes closed whilst having a root canal. You will gain nothing from seeing the vast array of torture implements that are being stuffed into / up / down your mouth.

So, that's that (fingers crossed) for the root canal treatment. There was a high (the wraparound 80's shades) and lots of lows (the tears, the cost, the pain, the fear, the dropsy, the smell of something burning and not being exactly clear what it was etc etc) but hopefully I wont have to go back to the Dentist for a while.

I'm going to miss those wraparound shades.

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