Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Root of all Evil: Part Deux

I was wrong. The bogle eyed dog of yesterday did not turn out to be a good omen. Today began with me being soaked completely on one side by the 242 on Mare Street as I made my way back to the Dentist for the 2nd phase of 'Operation Tusk'. I should have realised it was going to be a crap day there and then and just gone back to bed. If being soaked by dirty road splash wasn't enough of a sign of impending doom, then the words "John, can you give me a hand with pulling this out? You've got stronger fingers than me", ringing out from the Dentist's room on my arrival should have been a clear enough indication of how the day was going to go. Gulp...

Since the Dentist had worked out on Tuesday that I had gums of steel, she went straight for the Industrial Strength Anesthetic. Which didn't work. But we only realised this after she had stuck something very long, very thin and extremely sharp straight up into my damn root hole!  Whatever it was, and I was too scared to look, felt like it was headed straight for my brain. The pain was so bad that I didn't have have time to cry (which is pretty unusual for me). I was too shocked to cry. That's never happened to me before. So after another injection which I might add was much less like the small prick that she promised and loads more like a massive protruder which she failed to mention, she had another go. And then, she discovered something strange. I had 4 canals, rather than the 3 that she had originally thought! Lucky old me! 4 times more scraping fun! I was in a nightmare. For over 2 hours. It's making my toes curl the wrong way just thinking about it. Gregg Wallace has a lot to answer for that's for sure.

So, now I am back at home feeling sorry for myself and unlike the other day I am throbbing like there's no tomorrow. It's no fun at all, but probably not surprising when you consider the things that have been rammed into my face for most of the morning. Apparently I won't throb forever but for the next few days I am only supposed to eat soft things (this is worst thing about the whole situation. No pork chops? I'll die!!). The thought of soups and sucking on Quavers for 48 hours is not the future I was hoping for.

However, the day wasn't all bad. Some progress was made on the blog and now all the subject headers at the top of the home page work properly. Also we realised the web address didn't match the blog title (yay...) so now that all matches up too. And on that note, I shall be off to lick a clove but before I go I shall promise my most solemn promise that I will have regular dental check ups from now until eternity forever and ever Amen.

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  1. As Harris put it herself, Gregg Wallace is a right pudding himself.