Friday, 21 January 2011

Introducing Mr Wu!

I spent the day today at the home of an animal handler filming something for something of which I can not say. However, I can say that I'm not exactly the worlds greatest animal lover. Most animals scare me, particularly anything that jumps up or anything that tries to sniff you in undesirable areas. I think it stems from when I was a kid and I had to go and visit a neighbours farm. I hated it. It smelt bad, it was dirty and the farmer used to eat tripe, which in case you didn't know, absolutely honks. My mother was friends with the farmers wife and it was presumed that since her daughter was the same age as me, that we should be friends too. However, I secretly could not stand the daughter. She used to steal my Barbie's clothes and they had a huge Alsation that barked if you even looked it at from the wrong angle. I hated going there, but when you are a child, or when I was a child at least, I pretty much did what I was told. So, I've clearly been traumatised and now I only like things in zoo's, French Bulldog's and guppies. Or at least that's what I thought, until today when I met Mr Wu the Japanese Chin!

Mr Wu only moved to the animal handlers last Saturday and he didn't even have a name. The animal handler said that she wanted to give him an oriental name since he is a Japanese Chin dog but couldn't decide on what it should be. "Mr Wu" I shouted, which is the first thing I could think of due to 'Mr Wu's-all you can eat buffet' on Wardour Street, and now that is his name! How brilliant is that?! I'd never heard of a Japanese Chin dog before and now I've named one!

Apparently Japanese Chin dogs are considered the most cat like dog breed of all dog breeds in attitude, which is interesting since apparently, Mr Wu, thinks he is a cat. Before he moved in with the animal handler, he used to live in a house with lots of cats and subsequently he thinks he is a cat and doesn't know how to bark. Poor Mr Wu! The other thing that's unfortunate is that Japanese Chin dogs often have problems with the eyeballs. The Camera Technician told me this morning that his aunt used to own one and it got so excited one day that its eyeball popped out. Lets hope Mr Wu has more self control.

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